Mother’s Day Poem

I’ve been busy growing up

Chasing all my dreams

Wanting to try all what life can offer me


Until I realized

I left your side

I was out on my own

And it’s been a long time

Since I last sat down with you

Sharing some tea while we talked about the birds and the bees


I miss the homemade meals

And the conversations at the dinner table

The warmth of your hug whenever  I catch a cold

Later on I noticed your hair have all turned gray

Your teeth have fallen too

Your back is now bent

And your skin is all sagged

You lost your agility

But your eyes didn’t lose their sparkle

Where was I all this time

That I failed to notice that time quickly flies

You’re getting weaker each day


I should have known better

And spent more time with you

While you can still hear me and look me in the eyes

Unlike now, you have shut your eyes

But in your lips remained a smile

Though I regret not spending enough time with you

I am grateful for all the things you did

You raised me well and taught me a lot about life

I wish you can see me for what I have become now

I know you will and you can see me better from where you are

Thanks to you mom, I owe you my life

I am who I am now because you’re my mom


Hazel Plano Image

(C) Hazel Delgado Planco

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