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Buy Western Classical Guitars Online India | Nylon Strings | Acoustic Best

Western Classical Guitars

          Buy Western Classical Guitars Online There are plethora of models to buy western classical guitars online. But, being guitar educationists, we suggest you some of the recommended acoustic guitars models below that you can choose from. Note: The below guitars are nylon-string acoustic guitar models that we usually play using […]

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manali ghosh vocalist

Manali Ghosh

Manali Ghosh is a professional singer / vocalist with specialisation in Hindustani classical, Semi-classical, Devotional, Commercial Hindi & Bengali songs. She has performed at various renowned pedestals within and outside India. She also conduct master vocals workshops for sincere learners and has also written for few publications.ANCIENT MANTRAS BY MANALI GHOSHManali Ghosh is also doing […]

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Raga Jog Bhairavi राग जोग भैरवी Asavari Thaat NotesTabsSheet Musicon Guitar Guitarmonk

Raga Jog Bhairavi

RAGA JOG BHAIRAVI ON GUITARAbout Raga Jog Bhairavi Hindi / हिंदी: राग जोग भैरवीTime / समय : First half of the morning Thaat / थाट (Parent Scale) : AsavariTonal Classification / जाति: Audav AudavCatch Phrase / पकड़ : King Note /Sonant / Vadi (वादी) : (F) Queen Note / Consonant / Samvadi (समवादी): (C)Ascending / आरोह […]

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