Diploma in Acoustic Guitar

India’s only place to gain comprehensive knowledge in Plectrum Guitar.

Incomplete knowledge used to be a fate for guitar seekers but not anymore.

There was a time when if someone wanted to be a guitarist, it not only used to be a journey of
time & money loss but also loss of life’s only opportunity, age & chance.
BUT, it is no more the case now.

Right Guidance illuminates & removes ignorance.
Right Experience solves & removes the barriers.
Right Mentor hand-holds & walks along the path.

Do you know?

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Journey

About the program

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar is India’s first complete plectrum-guitar learning program. It emphasizes the professional development of Plectrum Guitar Playing, which is an unmatched, unbeatable talent of an Indian Guitarist.

It also helps you discover a new and highly enriched musical journey via its’ professional repertoire, unlocking your guitar playing potential and achieving a much wider success and greater musicianship.

With Diploma, you can touch all the dimensions of plectrum guitaring. It can raise your potential into that rare percentage of successful guitarists where most Indian guitarists don’t reach.

Diploma course can empower you to

Become a Teacher
Open Your Own School
Do Live Concerts

Watch out how Mr. Sambit Patra narrated a beautiful story of life, in his own style, inspiring budding people to come out of their comfort zones. He explains it by giving an example of the guitar. So make choices of life when it matters most, before its too late.

Who is it for?

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Course - Who is it for

Syllabus Structured learning comprises of both Technical Development & Compositions' study.

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Style - 8 Levels
8 Levels

There are a total of 8 levels in Diploma in Acoustic Guitar course. Levels are classified as Prelude, Level 1, 2, 3 for Year 1 & Level 4, 5, 6, 7 for Year 2. Where each level is of 2.5 months, comprises 10 sessions including theory & practical exam. 

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar - Additional Subjects Study
Exposure to 4 Subjects

To further tune the learning, we have added an overview of subjects like Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele. These additional subjects are for other string’s family exposure.

Ragas, Indian Film & Folk Music
Ragas, Indian Film & Folk Music

Not just limiting your learning to one-dimensional exposure using western repertoire. Diploma in Acoustic Guitar also comprises Indian specialty subjects as Ragas on Guitar & study of legendary music composers from Bollywood to Folk.

Scales & Tremolo Picking
Scales & Tremolo Picking

Special sessions for technical development on Scales & Tremolo Picking technique in Diploma in Acoustic Guitar course.

Studio Exposure Assistance & Launchpad
Studio Exposure Assistance & Launchpad

Diploma also includes studio exposure assistance and Launchpad

Exams, Sessions & Tenure
Exams, Sessions & Tenure

A total of

  • 9 exams: 8 exams at 8 levels & 1 final exam at the end.
  • 120+ sessions: 80 sessions (in 8 levels) & 40 sessions for other subjects.

    Course Tenure:
    2 years
    Exam Extension: Up to 3 years

For more details about the exams, syllabus, marking parameter & further guidelines click here

Who are we?

Guided more than
1 lakh music seekers

More than 15000 students
completed up to 4 levels

Brought 1st Bachelor 
Degree in India – 2015

Brought India’s 1st music
education franchise model

India’s own 8 levels’
guitar examination system

India’s largest chain of
guitar schools

Founder of World’s 1st
on Guitar Course 
(students from 40+ countries)

Winner of state & many corporate 
honors for guitar excellence

100s of students
became teachers / musicians

Our World Record Missions Guitarmonk excellence is in reaching new heights.
Some of the ongoing activities and our pledges are

Amazing India Heritage World Record Guitar Journey


Largest Guitar Gathering & Guinness (accomplished)


Vasudhiava Kutumabakam (in 190 countries)


Pledged for 1 crores worth of guitar gifts


Fee break-up

Diploma In Acoustic Guitar - Fee Other Subjects
 Above fee is for Indian residing in India

Above fee is for Indian residing in India

Hence, Total Fee for 2 years is
1,29,500 + 28000 = Rs. 1,57,500


Rs. 1,57,500
for 2 years

Fee for Indian Residing in India


US 3999$

For NRI/Non-Indian/Foreign National


Monthly Instalment

@ Rs. 6500*
(with select credit & debit card)


For more details refer to the FAQ section


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Receiving of Sessions, Weekly Interaction, Exams & Report

    Access Portal: You will be given private access (username and password) of the diploma course portal. You will receive 1 session every week. The session will come in the form of a combination of a recorded video, theory content (if any), audio reference (as required), and notations/exercises/supporting sheet (if any).

    Teacher’s Presence every week: However, each session is very much organized and most students don’t get any doubt in 90% of cases. Still, this is a fully interactive program as the teacher will be available live every week for group interaction (current timing is between 9 pm to 10 pm every Saturday). There you can ask any doubt (if it happens to be any) pertaining to session with the teacher. In case you are unavailable, you can drop the question there as advanced and the teacher will answer there. 

    Exam at every level: There is an examination session (comprising both practical & theory exam) at every level, which will be checked, and both marks, feedback will be shared with you. The exam is basically an assessment of the student’s current practice, routine, and motivating him/her to be with the rhythm of the program.

  • When will my course start ?

    Once you will register then you will receive the acknowledgment email within 24 hours. Usually, the course starts in 7 working days. But due to the pandemic, it will start within 15-21 days from the date of registration.

  • Can I opt for one-o-one Guru ?

    In extreme and rare cases if a student is looking for a guru to spoon-feed each session then the student can separately afford one-o-one live guru facility. Where a student can receive one hour live online video session, every week with a dedicated coach; besides this, the above facility of group interaction via the portal will also be accessible. This facility is currently optionally available for the first 4 levels (i.e. 40 sessions) only at an additional fee of Rs. 16,000 (for Indian students in India) or US 429$ (for NRI/Non-Indian/Foreign National). To register with the above facility enrol here

  • Will I receive any curriculum?

    Yes, there is a separate curriculum/booklet/material of each level, that will be given to you.

  • Will you provide certificate of each level too?

    Yes, based on your clearance of level-wise grade exams, you will be issued a separate level-wise certificate, and when you the clear final exam (at the end), you will also be receiving a diploma.

    So, it is necessary for the student to understand that each level’s exam marks are important and that will be added to the total marks, based on the marking parameters.

  • Can I re-appear for the exam if i get failed in it?

    It is understood that at times, the student has lesser practice or they may need to revise & demonstrate it better. It is why the student is provided the laxity to re-appear for the exams. Diploma Course is of 2 years (24 months) but re-examination you can apply till 3rd year (36 months).

    The respective examination fee will be applicable to re-appear. To know more about exam guidelines, click here.

  • Can I apply for Diploma Program after CRP 1 ?

    No, after CRP 1 you can’t switch to Diploma in Acoustic Guitar course as there are some areas of study in Diploma year 1 which is not covered in CRP 1. So, it’s better that you directly apply for Diploma if you have professional aspirations.

  • Can I get the Diploma if I independently apply and clear all the 8 LEVELS of Guitarmonk?

    No, the diploma course content is not limited to just 8 levels study but much more than that, refer syllabus section above.

  • What is the frequency of session/s?

    One new session will be released every week. And you will have 2 weeks time to access that particular session anytime you are available.

  • What is the technical structure of the course?

    Besides, compositional study, you can check the level-wise technical outline of the 8 levels by clicking here

  • No. of Exams & Marking Parameter

    Apart from the 8 level exams as listed in the standard examination guidelines page, there is a final exam at the end in Diploma (refer details below). 

    You can refer marking parameter below.

    exam marking parameter

    Each level exam is of 100 marks. Candidate scoring minimum passing marks (as mentioned above) in both theory and practical exam, as well as collectively scoring at least 70% marks per level exam, will be considered as passed in that level exam.

    Total marks : 8 levels are 8 X 100 (800 marks) + Final Exam (200 marks) = 1000

    Candidate must be passed in all independent level exams as well as the total diploma score should be a minimum 70%, to get a Diploma.


Note: By applying/enrolling in our program you acknowledge that you have accepted the Program’s Terms & Guidelines.