Diploma in Acoustic Guitar

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Style



Diploma in Acousic Guitar Journey

Diploma is just not any other certificate that can be taken by any random guitar learner/ student. Only less than 1% enquiry reaches to professional playing level.  It requires commitment by the student to learn all levels, also achieving minimum scores and performance exposure via launchpad.

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar is India's 1st Complete Guitar Training Program, from beginners to advanced/professional stage development, covering 8 levels of growth. It is a time framed study of 2 to 3 years which begins with an end in mind approach.

Diploma Course Who is it for



Diploma in Acoustic Guitar emphasises on the professional development of Plectrum Guitar Playing, which is an unmatched, unbeatable talent of an Indian Guitarist.

It will also help you discover a new and highly enriched musical journey via its’ professional repertoire, unlocking your guitar playing potential and achieving a much wider success and greater musicianship.


Apart from western repertoire, Diploma course also comprises of

Ragas, which is not only the oldest music heritage of the world but also the most complex & unique style / skill of performance due to its distinctive rhythm cycles & perception / application of techniques.

Indian Film Music, which is the most popular generic style of today and have shaken the world with its creative melodies and musical expression/skills, professionally played by millions of guitar players.


Your Diploma in Guitar is divided into 5 Areas of Studies

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Syllabus

Note: Student can also apply for last 4 levels (Level 4,5,6,7) independently but that doesn't constitutes Diploma.

  • Higher Levels (Level 4 to Level 7) require greater precision and a professional ability to teach the students. Hence, these sessions are being trained directly by Mr Kapil Srivastava in the form of independent forum (for each session) covering every little detail of both performance and technical things. All these master sessions by Kapil Srivastava sir will be available in the form of Premium, Exclusive & Publicly Unavailable Videos.
  • You can practice and showcase your performances in the same forum which will be monitored by Kapil Sir & team. You can also ask your doubts there which also make an archive/record of your questions and your growth towards perform-ability.

The Diploma in Acoustic Guitar provides a technical background for learning, progress & quality performance of Guitar player. Guitarmonk acknowledges that there are various dimensions to musical assessment and ability of a candidate. As such it has inculcated lots of freedom into the musical expression.

  • Wide choice of repertoire from western to eastern genres / moods.
  • Wide range of generic skills emphasizing unique musical expressions.
  • Allowing candidates to play on their strengths with choices within the genres.

The techniques of Indian music (folk & ragas), which is both extraordinary and adaptive to plectrum playing, also due to its diverse rhythm styles, syncopated rhythms, unique scales and raga movement, offers a unique identity, variety, personality to the guitarist.

Examination Syllabus, technical syllabus

Guitarmonk imbibes both practical and theory systems of examining the candidate at every level

1. Theory Assessment 2. Practical/Performance Assessment

There are 8 Examination Levels as

PreludeLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7

[1] Practical - Performance


Group A | Western Group B | Indian Film Music Group C | Ragas (From Level 4 onward) ✔ Technical Development – Scales, Chords, Techniques and Rhythms

[2] Theory

Scales, Chords, Terminologies, Reading Music, Notation Methods, General Music Awareness

exam marking parameter

Note – Each level exam is of 100 marks. Candidate scoring minimum 70% marks per level exam will be considered as passed in that level exam only if the candidate has also secured minimum passing marks (as mentioned above) in both theory and practical exam. 

Total marks : 8 grades is 8 X 100 (800 marks) + Final Exam (200 marks) = 1000

Candidate must be passed in all independent level exams as well as the total diploma score should be minimum 70%, to get Diploma. 


fee - diploma in acoustic guitar course




Free* Guitar Kit Scholarship - INR 10,000₹

SCHOLARSHIP 2020 is applicable for limited students enrolling for both Year 1, Year 2 & 3 together (Complete diploma course). This scholarship is enrolling for limited students only on first come first given basis.

International Student means foreign resident residing in India or any resident (be it Indian or non-Indian citizen) residing outside India.

Can I finish the Diploma program in 3 years?

The first 4 modules (Prelude, Level 1,2,3) have to be completed in one year time but the next 4 levels (level 4, 5, 6, 7) can be completed in 1 to 2 years’ time.

Can I apply for Diploma Program after CRP 1?

No, After CRP 1 you can’t switch to Diploma as there are some areas of study in Diploma year 1 which is not covered in CRP 1. So, it’s better that you directly apply for Diploma Year 1 and then Diploma Year 2 or you can also apply for both Year 1 & year 2 together.

Can I get the Diploma if I independently apply and clear all the 8 LEVELS of Guitarmonk?

No, Diploma course carries a planned progress to be finished in a stipulated time. Some of it's modules also comprises studio exposures, sessions on other family instruments study, special repertoire study. Which is not there when one applies for only independent grade study/exam.

Can i re-appear for any grade exam in my 3 years diploma course tenure?

Yes, you can re-appear for any of the 8 level exams within 3 years of your course tenure by paying the corresponding examination fee.

What are the modes of learning?

Diploma (Year 1) learning can be taken via premium one-o-one live video call or at the centre in a group or at home tuition, depending upon the availability. 

What is the frequency of sessions?

Sessions are usually conducted once in a week; so one can also do it along with his/her job/studies as weekend/weekday learning. 

What is the duration per session?

In case of group learning (offline), each session duration will be of 2 hours whereas in case of premium one-o-one live video call learning or home tuition, each session duration will be of 1 hour.