Guitarmonk is a prominent music name, operating worldwide; is one of the oldest guitar domain names in India, regd. 2005, at Delhi, India. For more details, refer our about us  >> section.

If you want to Learn guitar online, avail special guitar classes / lessons via varied courses, be it Hobby  >>, Ragas on Guitar  >>, Diploma in Guitar  >>, Tremolo Picking  >> Programs, for Beginners, Intermediate to Advance level students then  then you are at the appropriate platform.

190 Nations

Guitarmonk influenced millions of people, taught thousands of students, mile-stoned thousands of events and workshops in its last two decades.

The journey of guitarmonk dates much before its official year of 2005, a journey initiated towards the official foundation of guitarmonk (, a mascot/a spirit that lives music.

Today Guitarmonk's creative initiatives encompass the whole world, working and empowering musicians in 190+ countries and served by non-musical team in 55+ countries, serving customers and students across 35+ countries. Its future models are also being designed in the same way to bind every nation of the planet.

As an education brand, it belongs to every country and every citizen of the earth and that is what the inherent philosophy and spirit of guitarmonk i.e. to serve and touch people and bring harmony in their lives musically.


Guitarmonk is an amalgamation of two words ‘guitar’ + ‘monk’. It is symbolic with the passion & spirit of monk to an artist, and it's ever persistent commitment to achieve wholesomeness in life.

It also bridges east and west, modern and traditional flavor with its two words guitar and monk.

A monk with a guitar is a reflection of liveliness, blissfulness and passion for life.

Guitarmonk symbolizes strength, solutions, creativity and overcoming mental barriers. It brings new opportunities, new avenues for promotion, learning, expression, recognition, lifestyle and business in the music industry. It is a place for beautiful ideas and musical journeys.


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We were walking the journey, as one of the largest chains of guitar schools with physical centers across India (from North to South) until the COVID shock...

This then inspired us towards a digital upgrade (since 2020), and now we are flying globally, serving the longer duration (3+ years) programs in guitar.


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Philanthrophy Music Social

Various concepts we brainstormed and did abundant work on during our journey.
Some of the concepts are still underway towards fresh relaunches even as separate organizations.

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Indian Guitarists Union

Indian Guitarists Union LogoIndian Guitarists Union (aka IGU) is India's first community, a union of guitar players, founded as a helping platform for their economic and social betterment. 

IGU voluntarily helps them get teaching, performance, and other music-based projects. For more info, you can email us at [email protected].


justdialmusic-header-logoIndia's first live music greeting service provider. 

From live music wishes to performances on special occasions like birthdays, parties, marriages, achievements, etc, JDM has artists across India to provide you the ideal ambiance. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Occasion. For more info,  contact us.

Employees Engagement Employee Corporate Music

Relaxation & Stress management is an essential consideration for any company & its people. And music is the best way through which the total wellness of the workforce can be taken care of. For plethora of MNCs/companies, our employees' engagement workshops have turned out to be a successful way.

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kapil srivastavaMost people see a guitar player as a part of a band, teaching or trying for the ladders of fame via making popular music for films, etc. This is not the case with this guitarist, Kapil, who evolved into a new dimension as the founder of Guitarmonk. Starting his journey as a street guitarist (teaching, performing, and writing), Kapil revolutionized his music journey with several innovative ideas and concepts throughout his long journey, reaching and connecting the whole earth via It gave rise to several successful, actively running, business models and brands in the process. The idea and spirit of the brand Guitarmonk is more as a cause, a spirit of music, rather than a mere transaction platform for music services. It is more about helping people, bringing music as a health, as a therapy in their daily lives; using music as a lifestyle, as a way of living, as a way of happiness (even moving beyond profession). Kapil is also into researching ancient Indian music on Guitar and doing a travel world record journey on guitar. Watch out his journey year by year at

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