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There are plethora of models to buy western classical guitars online. But, being guitar educationists, we suggest you some of the recommended acoustic guitars models below that you can choose from.

Note: The below guitars are nylon-string acoustic guitar models that we usually play using fingers (finger-picking). The price or color may very. 

Kadence Professional KCL 01 Western Classical Nylon Strings Guitar

Kadence Professional – KCL-01
 Western Classical Guitar
with Truss Rod

(Price range around Rs. 5700)

Kadence professional (KCL-01) is a 6-string Western Classical Nylon Strings Acoustic Guitar.
Recommended for those who are having reasonable budget.

For more details or how to buy Kadence professional (KCL-01) Western Classical Acoustic nylon strings guitar online,
kindly click at the link below.

Squier SA150N Western Classical Nylon Strings Guitar

Squier SA150N

(Price range around Rs.8000)

Squier SA150N is a good quality 6 steel-strings, western classical acoustic guitar.

For more details or how to buy Squier SA150N Nylon Strings guitar online,
kindly click at the link below.


Disclaimer: As an educationist, we help learners to know about recommended acoustic guitar brands/models that one can buy. The above link re-directs you to a 3rd party website who eventually deals in the business of selling & delivering guitars. We are only into teaching guitar & not into retailing of guitars.

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