Guitarmonk, including Guitarmonk.com and all its sub-domains, is owned, controlled & operated by Abysm Research and Solutions LLP. We are a popular music education entity that mainly deals into guitar education, publication and various other relative domains. As a brand, we belong to every country and every citizen of the earth and that is what is our inherent philosophy and spirit i.e. to serve and touch people and bring harmony in their lives musically.


Guitarmonk was established in the year 2005 at New Delhi, India. So far we have influenced millions of people, taught thousands of students, mile-stoned thousands of events and workshops in the last 17 years. Today, our initiatives encompass the whole world by working and empowering musicians in 190+ countries, non-musical team in 55+ countries & serving customers and students across 40+ countries. For more details and/or to get a better idea check out our old brief profile