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More than 10 million people play guitar in India, some are at beginner’s level while some are at advanced/professional level. From a generic point of view, a professional guitarist who has dedicated his/her life for the instrument with huge experience and skill set and another budding guitar student who is yet to grow and have yet so much to learn often gets mis-interpreted or seen from the same lens as if they are at the same level. While both carry different experience levels. One is a fresher and the other is a professional. This is injustice!

So, for the benefit of both the student as well as the teacher it is very essential to certify and honor the competent ones from the non-qualified ones. 

Guitarmonk has categorized guitarist’s competence into 8 Guitar Level Exams Certificate viz. Prelude, Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

guitar level exams grades examination

  • 8 Level Exams
  • Both Practical & Theory
  • Western | Ragas | Indian Film Music

Multi-Genre for the 1st time

  • Apply & submit online



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You can directly apply for any guitar level exams out of Prelude, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Each exam will cover both theory and practical, which is to be submitted online by the student as directed. An applicant can also listen to the practical performance required tunes as mentioned in the syllabus section.

Few sheets are provided as free with examination registration while few sheets with mark (Paid) will have to be purchased in addition. Refer terms and guidelines for other details.


  • Wider generic expression
  • Covering eastern genres as ragas and Bollywood
  • 100% choice to choose from western, Bollywood, raga repertoires

Guitarmonk's Guitar Levels Examination system is the only 360 degree syllabus who is able to reach Indian music community in its actual depth as the curriculum includes both Indian Music (Ragas, Bollywood) as well as Western Music. The millions of Indian musicians are practiced in playing generic music for multiple generations but also need certification, rating, grading for upgrading their career in same genres only. For example - It is just like a doctor who is exposed in ENT treatments but can only apply for Heart surgery certificates as ENT curricula doesn’t exist. Thus, guitarmonk exams curriculum gives guitarists the privilege to understand and assess his/her guitar skills on comprehensive and global music perspective.


Guitarmonk exams has 8 levels which are ranked from Prelude, Level 1, Level 2 to Level 7.

Each level exam will comprise both practical as well as music theory exam.

Student has the flexibility to submit exam's answers through online mode within a period of 45 days from the date you registered for the exam.

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended that student should go gradually as step by step by clearing each grade  exam independently for comprehensive development/assessment.

Each Grade level exam identifies student'S technical competence, finger dexterity, musical knowledge via accuracy of musical notations, tempo, posture etc. Higher the exam level higher the the complexity and broad musical understanding.

Yes, we do provide. CRP 1, Diploma, Tremolo, Ragas, and other specialized guitar development training. Pertaining to this exam, CRP 1 is for the first 4 levels (Prelude to Level 3) and Diploma is for all the 8 levels plus lot of additional subjects study (as the diploma is a course for students seeking to become professional).  You can click on the corresponding courses page link above & read more.

You have 30 days days time to submit your exams and 15 days time to receive all the booklets and details. So in total you get 45 days time to submit your exams from your registration date. You can submit them earlier too but 45 days is the maximum time. Make sure that you listen to the tunes, its complexity levels and check all the other details at the page. Also make sure that you don't delay in purchasing the book/booklets pertaining to the module you are applying for.

This rating can help you to

  1. Test your skills
  2. Enhance your skills to a next level
  3. Get you projects
  4. You can showcase these ratings as part of your profile/add to your other certificate/resume etc
  5. Certification - You can be a certified guitarist



Guitar Grade Exams Syllabus

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