Terms and Guidelines

Following are the standard terms and guidelines (and policies) of registration, applicable for all guitarmonk education programs (and for all modes of learning). Please note that some schemes or program have specific terms and conditions so they will be applicable in combination to the following.


Guitarmonk service contract is bound officially to serve you guitar education. It is important to note that our limited liability of service is to serve you sessions as promised by us and your responsibility is to attend those sessions. Other services as telephone receiving, email answering are the add-on courtesy value of guitarmonk to benefit the student. They are good gestures and don’t come under formal obligation of our education contract.


For students, guitarmonk has a dedicated 24X7 support@guitarmonk.com id. Guitarmonk doesn’t provide any verbal/oral/whatsapp/telephone support for students but written via email only. There is only one single point of contact for all support/communication at support@guitarmonk.com.

If your problem does not get answered or replied within 7 working days, you can write to us at hr@guitarmonk.com


Students should always maintain direct relationship with guitarmonk and not directly to any teacher/employee/individual appointed by guitarmonk. If a student found to be directly coordinating with the teacher, it doesn’t get counted as communication with guitarmonk. Student support is always available at support@guitarmonk.com.

Any personal commitment expected by the student from the teacher or made by the teacher to a student doesn’t come under Guitarmonk’s service agreement/responsibility.


Guitarmonk enquiries & students belong from across the regions (including Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.). It is all of our duties to be transparent in sharing our details for security precautions. Student must submit [1] Company/College/School/Business/Work ID Proof/Bonafide Certificate [2] Permanent Address Proof (Voter/Adhaar Card/Driving License/Passport) & [3] Present Address Proof (If permanent and present address is different) & [4] Recent Photograph. Failure to submit it (via email) before the commencement of your 1st session will prohibit you to attend the sessions/Program you enrolled in till you submit them or may even result in cancellation of your registration. Please note this is for all of ours security/safety and betterment.

RIGHT TO REFUSE REGISTRATIONS   Guitarmonk reserves the right to not accept any registration without mentioning any reason. In that circumstance the fee of the particular registrant will be refunded 100%.

THIRD PARTY RIGHTS             A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no right under the Contracts to enforce or rely upon any provision of them.

GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION All jurisdictions will be held in Delhi (India) only.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Guitarmonk reserves the right to change any of its terms, policies, fees, content, structure, any service etc. For all new enquiries old terms and guidelines won’t be applicable. See updated terms and guidelines at www.guitarmonk.com 


Student must inform guitarmonk about his/her absence at least 72 hours (3 days) advanced via a written communication by filling the leave intimation form. This absent class will be served/adjusted/extended/postponed within the tenure only (available extension period) & not beyond it. A student informing absence in less than 72 hours will be marked as absent.

A student is allowed to make/adjust/postpone to maximum 3 absents in his 1 year course cycle. Maximum of 3 absent requests are allowed. More than 3 requests will be marked as absent. Absence by guitarmonk is informed in advanced in writing as well.


Absent sessions can only be adjusted on the available slots within the tenure only. It will be mutually discussed considering time availability (of both teacher and student) at the discretion of guitarmonk.


If the student stays absent for 2 consecutive sessions then they are marked (a) inactive in class. If a student goes absent for 4 consecutive sessions (includes adjusted absents as well) they are marked (b) non-participating and batch is switched off for that duration, time, location. More than 4 sessions delay in any module means it is difficult to recover the same module as each module is of 10 sessions only (inclusive of revision as well as test). The student must apply for re-start of the batch and it cannot be the same timing, location in that circumstance.


Student must co-operate to mark attendance as suggested by teacher. Attendance % will help student with appreciation in marks in performance grades & results.


Student must also report their teacher’s absence in the class (immediately/before the next class). It is important to note that guitarmonk cannot deliver more than allotted sessions per month and cannot extend the tenure beyond the period. Hence, it is mandatory on the part of the student to participate and report to us (email) teacher’s absence in the class.

Sometimes student and teacher maintain personal understanding with each other and adjust schedule of classes as per their convenience and priorities. They commit holidays on mutual understanding and don’t report to guitarmonk about their absence (and the weekly pace of the classes) & keep guitarmonk out of touch. In such a case the course moves slower than the actual pace of learning. Student later come to guitarmonk to adjust the missed classes by the teacher (of previous months). It cannot be possible at all then because student didn’t report to us. In such a case, guitarmonk will not be responsible to deliver those classes/sessions and they will be marked absent only. When a student ignores or don’t report the absenteeism of a particular session by the teacher (either on their mutual understanding or otherwise), it means the student is comfortable and agreed to the lost session.

FREQUENCY OF SESSIONS Student can not take more than one session per week unless officially approved by support@guitarmonk.com. Failing which might result in cancellation of registration. 


Students are requested to attend classes within their allotted time slots only. Late coming doesn’t mean late going from the class or/and attending class other than your allotted time slot.


Guitarmonk asks you for following feedback for betterment of your education. They are part of education and must be participated by student for regular checks such as –

  1. Theory & Practical Exam at every grade
  2. Teacher’s Feedback at CRP Corner Page
  3. Interviews & Performance Recordings

Absence in those feedbacks at regular time by the student will mean their non-participation to their own good education. Failure to submit all these means your own lack of responsibility and commitment to your own education. Guitarmonk will not entertain any further arguments if a student fails to submit the report and feedbacks on time.


Timings are allotted based on student's choices (time options given by student only). Once the timing is fixed, a whole schedule is allotted to the teacher, to be available and committed for that student, throughout the course. A teacher is ordered to not allot that timing to any other student and serve the duty with accountability. Sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, a student may request for change of timing. In that case, Guitarmonk may look for options, based on the consent of the teacher, availability of slot, which is purely a courtesy of guitarmonk and not part of the service. There many not be any time availability and in that case student need to continue with their existing time slot. Processing charge of Rs. 1500 will be applicable. 


All tangible gifts/schemes/scholarship in form of Free Guitar Gifts/Accessories etc. needs to be collected by student itself as per the date/location provided by Guitarmonk. If a student fails to collect the gift on the collection day, the scholarship provided will be forfeited and will no more be applicable.


If your program has a curriculum kit assigned to it, it gets dispatched (couriered) within the 1st month or maximum 30 days from the date of registration, to student’s address. Normally the kit is received within few days by the student but some students may belong to different regions and places so there is a maximum limit of 30 days.

The curriculum is only dispatched/delivered/couriered once by guitarmonk. If student has failed to receive it as they have given us a wrong address or remained unavailable at the address or were absent on the day, then student needs to collect the curriculum on their own or bear the cost of delivery/despatch/courier next time.

Student should email at support@guitarmonk.com for the missed curriculum kit.


For online courses, the course tenure gets counted from date, within 30 days from the date of registration. But if the delay is from guitarmonk side then guitarmonk provides extension on pro-rata basis and then the course tenure is counted from the 1st class date and not from the date of registration.


All Guitarmonk courses are adhered to a tenure limit considering contract with teachers, facility, moderation team etc. Guitarmonk further provides a two month free extension to CRP course. This is to provide scope of 8 absences by the teacher or student. There is no further extension allowed in the particular course.

Each course has different tenure extension mentioned in the respective courses page at www.guitarmonk.com


Any extension beyond the tenure (including free extension) is chargeable (as module wise) based on the availability of the teacher, facility and discretion of guitarmonk. The fee is charged as per the program fee applicable at that time.


Branch/Batch/Location shift is limited to only under critical circumstance/emergency situation (sickness, accident etc where a person is psychologically or physically unfit to attend/perceive the class). Based on the feasibility, batch shifting can be offered to choose from the ongoing and preceding batches from a particular session happening at other centres in the city. The decision of a particular batch is decided with the guidance of the mentor and permission of facility owner, and is the sole discretion of guitarmonk. Guitarmonk can’t guarantee the batch transfer but can try of it.  The basic administrative fee (Rs. 3600/- as the batch shifting charge) is chargeable to transfer the batch to different branch/location/module. If the student is shifting to previous module, then the extra session may be chargeable. Write at support@guitarmonk.com for Batch Transfer and know possibility.  


Guitarmonk provides two types of learning as

  • Privileged One-o-One Learning with teacher
  • Group learning (with minimum 3 students)

Privileged learning is one-o-one with the teacher and that is why it is expensive (as fee is borne by one student). In case of batch learning the fee gets distributed and divided among students. Privileged learning also provide the opportunity of convenience, time-flexibility etc. Sometimes student has an odd time requirement (as late evening or early morning) and hence they are easily able to finish their learning within stipulated time. Many working students, due to their personal and professional time constraints, always ask for privileged learning while they have registered for batch learning.

Privileged One-o-One learning with teacher can be taken via various modes as Online Live Video, Offline at the Centre/Home. The tentative fee of one-o-one learning is variable between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 per session (based on distance, time, commutation cost of the teacher).


In case of premium one-o-one learning , either online via Live Video call or via home tuition, each session duration will be from 45 to 60 minutes. Whereas in case of group learning (batch learning) each session duration will be from 90 to 120 minutes.


To transfer to privileged learning, a student needs to pay the remaining difference amount. Please note this facility is based on the availability of teacher and not a guarantee.          

TRANSFER TO PRIVILEGED LEARNING from GROUP LEARNING There is no transfer from privileged learning to group learning.


Guitarmonk offers 30 scholarship seats per zone for students to apply and take benefit on 1st come 1st served basis. Beyond 30 seats, a student has to pay the regular fee to register for the same program under any batch.


Each zone can have various centres under it (for example: NOIDA ZONE, GURGAON ZONE) and student can be asked to join any centre in that zone.


Student at the time of registration is asked to select his preferred zone. All guitarmonk batches are made for a particular zone and not for particular fixed address. The student can offer his choice of centre but the discretion of offering the centre is finally of guitarmonk. Guitarmonk reserves the right to change your centre location within your zone.


Guitarmonk normally introduces 4 batches (one every quarter) at a location. Students are invited, well in advanced, to join any of these 4 batches at their preferred zone/location, and can avail scholarship seats on 1st come 1st served basis.


If a particular location doesn’t attain the minimum 3 student numbers. Then the student is asked to avail any of the 3 options below -

  1. Join the premium learning (one-o-one with the teacher) via live video call learning. The student is not asked extra fee for the premium learning. Guitarmonk bears the difference cost of premium learning for student and waives the additional fee of the student. OR
  2. Student can join the batch at other zones of the city OR
  3. Wait for the next quarter batch formation.

It is on the student discretion to select any of the above option and finish his/her learning. Please note that guitarmonk learning is always available via different modes. It is the student responsibility to avail training at any point of time via any given mode. If any particular zone doesn’t form batch in 2 consecutive quarters then all the students in that batch will be shifted to premium learning (one-o-one with the teacher) via live video call.


If the batch breaks/halted due to the following reasons (included but not limited to) viz. a) student's absence b) some students absence c) teacher's absence d) student's level mismatch due to failure in exams etc e) natural calamities & other emergencies conditions as flood,  political actions, protests etc or any other reason beyond our control then to help eager students complete their learning, guitarmonk  transfers the student's batch learning to premium learning (one-o-one with the teacher) through live video call.


Please refer the curriculum books for the content and assignments of your course.  


Technical concept and grammar is the foundation of any musical phrase/melody and this is what the right musical education tries to deliver. Guitarmonk education also tries to edify the same musical concept through various tunes. It is not the quantity of musical tunes that matters but the music concepts. The teacher sets the foundation to make you adaptive of plethora of tunes of same level.


All tunes don’t get covered by the teacher on the class but some of them are marked by teacher for submission as assignment/home-work. The teacher may also choose to explain the same scales via other contemporary tunes as well and ask you to submit all tunes on assignment. The overall objective of these tunes is to establish concept of scales (or particular scale), chords, notation etc. on guitar.


Student needs to submit their assignment for every module on a weekly basis or before the completion of module or as test. It is the student’s responsibility to must submit the grade tunes as their home-work/ assignments/test online.


Assignments mean performing & video recording (via mobile/cam) your ‘to-do’ tunes/exercises/test for that module (or as suggested by teacher) and submitting it at the Forum.


Teacher will help with more content and additional tunes to good/practiced students to quench their knowledge thirst & enrich their musical joy.


Join the jamming club and perform more pro tunes and get launched and awarded by guitarmonk. Visit jamming club page to apply.


Guitarmonk reserves the right to change any teacher at any given point of time for the smooth functioning of classes. A student shouldn’t force the guitarmonk to learn from a particular teacher as the teacher is not centric to the education of guitarmonk.


exam marking parameter

The above marks is meant for each module's theory and practical exam. As per the international standard of marking, if a student scores less than 70% will not be considered passed. Candidate need to secure passing marks in both theory and practical exam. Candidate securing passing marks in only exam (either practical or theory exam) will be considered Not-Passed even if his/her total is more than 70 marks.


It is vital for student to complete their previous module to move to next modules as next modules get advanced in dexterity, knowledge and application.


It is important for a student to understand that each module is an enhancement of the previous module (in comparison to skill, dexterity and technical development level). Student must practice and give time to cover the module as per the schedule. Once the student is absent or fails in the module exam. The student must first complete/revise the module else he/she won’t be able to get any success in the advanced/harder modules. Please note that each batch follows a certain time schedule and completion date. It is the duty of the student to maintain the rhythm of the batch. Once the module is altered due to lack of practice and absenteeism by the student the repetition of classes cannot be provided in the same batch. The student must look for other available options/batch schedule based on the policies.

Guitarmonk reserves the right to not waste the new sessions of the failing student and whole batch and direct the under-performing student by helping them revise in time and re-appear for exam. Student are sometimes advised to learn separate from their batch so as they don’t disturb the pace of the successful students and rather self-focus on passing the necessary modules.

In nutshell, if any gap in the batch due to the teacher or student or due to revision class or absenteeism or any batch breakage then it gets completed via faster one o one premium live video call sessions. It is the responsibility of the student to must maintain the schedule and take responsibility to finishing the sessions.


Only successful* students will be provided with certificate of grade by guitarmonk. If a student has failed to secure passing marks, they can re-apply for grade via a separate registration by paying grade exam registration fee by clicking here

Guitarmonk doesn’t offer any ‘Certificate of Participation’.


Based on the module/course opted by the student; students are asked to attend specific sessions at Jam Pad/Recording Studio for performance, recording, rehearsal exposure. They are sometimes organized by a specialized faculty of guitarmonk. Students are advised to undertake these sessions, as they are part of their necessary modules, for their own benefits.


All retail services of guitarmonk are not part of education and they are 3rd party services. A student/enquiry has to apply for these services separately under following terms.


This is an independent chargeable service and separate to education. It may not be available on all centres and at every period of time. Write support@guitarmonk.com to ask for it.  


Guitarmonk is not a manufacturer of any of the products but only a facilitator. All facilities related to instrument are supported, assisted to students to prevent them from inferior retail practices and to serve them convenience. Please note that these facilities are apart from education and students are free to opt or non-opt them.


Guitarmonk acts as a ‘facilitator’ between retailer and the student to avoid student being victim of inferior practices by retailers. Guitarmonk ensures that all guitars/instruments are thoroughly checked, original make and are easily accessible to the student. Please note that this is a volunteer attempt, as a courtesy, for all its students and not any business service. Once the instruments are delivered to you, you must take full care of your instruments and must remember all maintenance tips. All these instruments based services (repair, replacement etc) need to be dealt with vendors/manufacturers only and not Guitarmonk. Guitarmonk’s liability is only limited to the giving you the proper instrument. We request to kindly maintain this understanding.

LOAN FACILITY FOR EDUCATION Email us at contact@guitarmonk.com

  • JOBS & INTERNSHIPS Select Guitarmonk students can also enjoy the opportunity of various projects, jobs//internships. Contact support@guitarmonk.com for more details.
  • LAUNCHPAD @ youtube.com/gmtunetime
  • EVENTS PLATFORM including some World Record Initiatives by Guitarmonk
  • SOCIAL MUSIC SERVICE PLATFORM & CERTIFICATION Guitarmonk is one of India’s largest music social movements working on several social causes. We invite our students to avail these platforms and serve in creative ways. Participants will further receive certificate. 

Visit www.guitarmonk.com for more details

Guitarmonk education is provided with a motto of connecting music to the masses and in most cases education programs are offered as limited seat/registrations for a territory under an advanced registration scheme with heavy discounts. Once these numbers of seats are achieved, guitarmonk doesn’t allow any further batch in that territory for that session/year.

The Normal Fees of CRP group learning (40 Sessions) is Rs. 42,600. Facilities offered in a particular program involving tuition charges, gifts, discounts, venue, learning kit, online learning registration etc. are offered as an overall scheme & package available at that time, is subsidized fee for select students.

Students opting for a particular program must ensure their decision before registering to the program as relative administration formalities; curriculum/accessories charges, online registration, venue facility, mentor’s commitment, taxation & transfer are executed immediately once registration is done and cannot be reversed at any circumstances. Student withdrawing out from a particular seat/course, once all these processes are incorporated is completely accountable for his/her decision and sudden cancellation and there is no fee refund allowed.

Please note that registration of a student is a final call & process which can’t be reversed. We always urge our students to make their selection and decision carefully (to join any of our programs) so as to save excessive time loss, administration loss for the institution and loss of seat and opportunity for both. We also understand that attending or not attending this program is finally a student's personal decision/choice. Hence, we don't serve any refund system/policy under any guitarmonk learning program. And fee is non-refundable & non-transferrable under all circumstances. We request our students to not submit any refund request. Please note that your seat can be a valued opportunity for another passionate guitar lover who has missed it just because the admission was made on first come first serve basis. Hence, it is your liability to pay/clear all the pending instalments or any service charge/product taken by you (if any).


If guitarmonk refuse to conduct any session for you, the maximum liability of service of guitarmonk will be limited to the amount of fees paid for the pending sessions’ tuition fee of the student. Once you register for the program, we see it as a commitment to attend the full program.

No refunds will be made upon cancellation or violation of terms by student.


This facility is a support and assistance for the student to pay fee with convenience and as deferred. This facility is introduced so that maximum students can benefit from the programs considering their inability to pay fee in lump-sum. However once a student is registered in a program, he has to deposit the Post-dated cheque/s as advanced at the time of registration only. The instalment cheques are considered as ‘deferred’ payment. The student is admitted on the grounds of his 100% interest, commitment and agreement of payment for the relative program whether he/she continues or not. You can also avail EMI on Credit Card (from 3 instalments to 24 instalments) and Education loan (EMI on Debit Card) facility.


It is the student’s duty to inform guitarmonk for any late date payment which will be accompanied by a late payment charge of Rs. 1000 with late time limit of maximum 14 days.


Student is accountable to pay the bouncing charge and also submit the instalment’s cheque immediately in compliance with the late fee policy.


Foreign Resident residing In India or any resident (be it Indian or non-Indian citizen) residing outside India will have to pay the International Fee as mentioned in the respective program’s page.


Following are the policies under which cancellation of registration happens. Please understand that cancellation is part of policy and shouldn’t be seen as BLACK-LIST of candidates. (Please refer our BLACK-LIST policy)


If student doesn’t pay the due instalment along with late payment charge within 14 days from the date of scheduled instalment date then it student’s registration will be cancelled. It will also cancel all schemes/discounts /gifts/offers/customizations (if any) offered to the student. Guitarmonk will not be liable for any further communication in this regard. The candidate is free to re-apply as a fresh registration once the cancellation is done.


If a student fails to pay the instalment with bouncing and late payment charges within stipulated period or maximum of 14 days, it will lead to cancellation of student’s registration.


Students will be disallowed for any further sessions if found to be belittling (directly or indirectly) threatening, harassing, blackmailing or humiliating the sanctity, effectiveness, morale & motivation of the content/program. It not only leads to cancellation of registration but guitarmonk will black-list the student name and will never admit that student, at any level and any branch in future.

YOUR GUITAR LEARNING IS IN YOUR HANDS – If you really want your learning to succeed, you should never do blunders that make your guitar learning fail and they are -

  • Not attending classes & expecting complete module’s knowledge in remaining classes.
  • Not following the curriculum & expecting a separate tune lesson
  • Missing practice - Not doing practice of last class and expecting teacher to either repeat or extend the class. Many students don’t touch guitar for a week time and attend the class.
  • Lack of patience and consistency – Ignoring exercises or technical development part but focusing on tunes (final entertainment/result). It is like expecting to eat good food without enough cooking effort.
  • Seeing class as an entertainment rather participation & learning - Student should not think teacher as an entertainer. Student should participate mentally and physically in the class. It is not a SPA or Movie activity.
  • Obey teacher’s direction - Let the mentor drive you as he/she is the best for your growth decision. Give teacher the freedom and space to bring you on the task, listen to him/her & let him/her indulge you in Guitar.
  • See program as development of music maturity - See program as a development of music maturity and not collection of tunes, exercises and theory. Guitar is both a physical and mental development of mind too.
  • Student-Teacher relationship - See it as Student & Teacher rather Customer & Company relationship – Customer can decide what he knows but not a student as they don’t know the subject, that’s why your mentor is your judge. Trust and surrender for best outcome. Maintain respect, value and trust.
  • Batch objective over individual objective - Please note that a specific content learning is not possible in a batch but only module learning as we have to maintain batch ethics and respect every student playing. So go as per the structure and content of the class
  • Avoid repetition (ask your batch-mates) - Don’t discuss repetitive topics with teacher to hinder class momentum. In case you have problem with any of the topics then discuss it with your batch mates or request teacher to conduct a problem-solving session for the whole batch. Lack of practice, lack of consistency and absenteeism may lead to under performance by the student and it is the student’s duty to cover it up with the help of batch-mates & self-time.
  • Do you have high level & professional targets? - You should contact us at support@guitamonk.com & share more about it.

You have to be in the process. You have to work as a participant, as a performer and not as an audience. You have to learn it, do it and not just see it as an attendant. Comprehend things rather just take note of it in copy/note-book. Do practice, confirm doubts. Have fun and relish. This is all music about.

If you do not agree with any part of this program terms and conditions, please do not register for the program. By applying to any of our program/service you acknowledge & agree to the corresponding terms & conditions and policies of our education.

We wish you all the best in your learning.

If you have any questions before registering then please WhatsApp at +91 9899755985 or email at contact@guitarmonk.com

  • Nature of Association – Ragas on Guitar program is an Online Music Learning program. The student will be acknowledged as “Student of Guitarmonk Online Raga
  • Confirmation of Registration – Once you have registered for the program. You will receive the written confirmation/email within 7 days of submitting your order and confirmation of payments. We will not be responsible if you fail to receive the written confirmation because you have supplied us with an incorrect email address.
  • Cancellations/Transfer of Registration– This Raga DLP is neither transferable nor refundable in any form. However students can cancel/discontinue the service by email confirmation.
  • No Change of Email Address – Student can’t change or transfer its registration to different email id or person.
  • Certification will be provided if a student submits all sessions’ assignment correctly and secure passing marks.
  • Limitation of Liability – Please note that Guitarmonk's liability is only limited to sending you specific sessions based on how many session's assignments have you submitted in time. If you don’t submit assignment, you won’t receive further sessions.
  • Bouncing Email or Email Reaching Spam – It is the responsibility of student to check for guitarmonk email in spam and other technical gaps his side. All users must make sure that they have kept our email in the white list.
  • Submission of Assignments within Time, Receiving of Next Session and Finishing the Program within the tenure

Each program has a fixed tenure with it. We give one session every week and student has to submit corresponding assignment belonging to that session within that week. Student who is not submitting assignment/s on a weekly basis (on time) will not be entitled to receive next session till they submit the previous session assignment.

Guitarmonk is not responsible if a student ends up missing some sessions of the program due to their own negligence and other priorities and non-submission of assignment on a weekly basis. In that case Guitarmonk will not be liable to give you remaining sessions nor to even communicate/answer you for relative communication beyond the tenure of your program. So kindly respect the tenure and attend the course sincerely from the very start.

  • All other terms and conditions and policies will be applicable to this program as well.
  • Termination of Relationship and Violation of Copyrights– Kindly understand that our initiative is a hard-worked initiative. All proceedings of the registration via administration, curriculum are used to benefit music activity to support art, music and musicians. All students are requested to promote us but never post, forward the lessons to avoid illegal piracy practices.

If you do not agree with any part of this program terms and conditions, please do not register for the program. By applying to any of our program/service you acknowledge & agree to the corresponding terms & conditions and policies of our education.

We wish you all the best in your learning.

If you have any questions before registering then please WhatsApp at +91 9899755985 or email at contact@guitarmonk.com

Yours Musically For Guitarmonk