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Ragas on Guitar

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Ragas on Guitar is one of the beautiful and pioneer Indian classical guitar styles, which is also launched as an official guitar program for the first time in the musical history.

After an extensive research and study of the unique application of Ragas on Guitar, guitarmonk has offered, for the first time in history, an exclusive study to the world and international community of guitar lovers. Yes, you won't find this course anywhere across the world.

Furthermore, Raga on Guitar is also an untouched genre that drives every human into the unmixed world of neat emotions.

Raga is like a hundred times enhancement and improvisation of a scale and there are thousands of ragas in Indian classical music, further having multiple compositions to be played on each raga.

A scale never sounds boring, never remains confined and monotonous when allowed implementing ragas. And the surprising fact about Raga scales is the parent scales (known as Thaats), which are just 10 in numbers in the North Indian study of Classical Music.

Here one can realize that how these 10 simple scales (Thaats) can be enhanced, improvised and applied in playing of thousands of Ragas and millions of compositions, with different moods and feelings, over the guitar.

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(A) INTRODUCTORY10Rs. 5500US 149 $Beginners
(B) COMPLETE30Rs. 30000US 799 $Introductory
(A+B) COMBINED40Rs. 32000US 849 $Beginners

✔ EMI on Credit Card facility also available

Applicants can register for the course by clicking the corresponding course link:


Foreign Resident residing In India or any resident (be it Indian or non-Indian citizen) residing outside India will have to pay the International Fee as mentioned in the respective program’s page.

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✔ Introduction to Raga, Scales, Tabla, basic theory, Indian Notation Method etc.
Raga Exercises on Teen Taal
3 Raga Compositions on Teen Taal
Sheet Music of Raga (For Guitar) with Staff, Tabs
Audio/Video Reference
Tabla Track for performance
Exam after completion of program
Certificate of Participation on successful completion


✔All 10 Thaats Study
20 + Raga Compositions with plenty of improvisations
Covers most significant theory and practical aspects of Raga Playing
You will learn advanced concepts of Tihai with Tabla
Learn Unique Indian Taals and develop/play compositions in Taals of Rupak (7 beats), Dadra (6 beats), Jhap Taal (10 beats), Kehevera (8 beats) and Ek Taal (12 beats) etc.
Sheet Music of Raga (For Guitar) with Staff/Tabs/Indian Notation
Audio/Video Reference
Tabla Track for performance
Exam after completion of program
Certificate of Participation on successful completion


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🎸Can I join the introductory program if I am a beginner? Yes, you can. You need not have any guitar knowledge before joining the raga course because the ragas study doesn’t work on lines of western scales/chords. It has its own grammar and approach to music. But a basic finger practice or hand is good (to a level of playing C Major Scale at 120 bpm) for adapting raga exercises and scales. If you have not touched a guitar, a minimum of 2 live session finger exercise-workout is suggested with guitarmonk trainer before starting Introductory Ragas.

🎸How will I receive learning/sessions? You will receive User Name & Password of a private online-portal (Private Forum).

🎸How many sessions in a week? Submission of Assignments within Time, Receiving of Next Session and Finishing the Program within the tenure

Each program has a fixed tenure with it. We give one session every week (preferrable on Thursday or Friday) provided the student has submitted the corresponding assignment belonging to the last released session by Thursday (i.e. before the schedule of the next session). Student, who is not submitting assignment/s on a weekly basis (on time) will not be entitled to receive the next session till they submit the previous session assignment. i.e. If they are not submitting assignments on time (weekly). They may end up missing some sessions at the end of the tenure of the program due to their own negligence and other priorities. In that case, Guitarmonk will neither be responsible/liable to give you remaining sessions nor to even communicate/answer you for relative communication beyond the tenure of your program. So kindly attend and submit assignments belonging to that session on a weekly basis.

🎸 What is the tenure of each program?In addition to one session per week standard policy, as a courtesy guitarmonk has additionally given some extension in the tenure. Extension is 2 weeks in case of Introductory Course, 6 weeks in case of Complete Course & 8 weeks in case of Combined Course.
  • Introductory Course  Tenure is : 10 to 12 weeks
  • Complete Course Tenure is 30 to 36 weeks
  • Combined Course Tenure: 40 to 48 weeks

🎸What will each session comprise of?             Each session will comprise of assignments, lessons/topics with video/audio/sheet music reference.  You have to submit assignment/s as asked for moderation/check by Raga Teacher.

🎸Is it an interactive program with the teacher?

Yes, it’s an interactive program where your every session will be Moderated by Raga Teacher and guided/commented for error (if any). You can ask doubts/questions on the forum itself. They will personally answer your query and give you custom suggestions based on your performance.

🎸Is there any downloadable content?

Yes, we provide sheets/supportive documents which will be mentioned as a download, for your personal practice/record-keeping.

🎸Will I receive the Certificate?

If you score more than 70%, you will be provided with a certificate. The marking procedure is as follows –

  • Each session assignment submission will be of 10 marks.
  • There will be a written online exam of 50 marks after the course.

Note – Assignment must be submitted within recommended 7 days of receiving the session.

🎸Can I Join Complete Course directly?            You can directly join either Combined Course or Introductory Course. Whereas Complete Course is an extension of the Introductory Course.     

🎸I am very good at lead guitar. Is raga easy for me? A person having even some basic finger practice on Guitar can best adapt this Ragas style. Good command on leads is an added advantage to enrich style to this study for concert purpose and finer execution/demonstration/presentation of raga skills as Taans, Tihaais, Jhaala, etc. Since Indian Classical Music is totally an Independent style devoid of chord study, it can be studied if a person has basic scales knowledge and sufficient fingers dexterity. 

🎸Does Raga Have a Spiritual connection? Raga music is soulful music. Each raga is associated with one particular flavor/mood (we call it ‘RASA’ in Indian music). There is a total of 9 emotions and every single raga is dedicated/focused upon/ to an expression of one emotion which has its physiological, psychological effect too. There are various researches on the benefits of Ragas and its application in music therapy for healing and overcoming certain diseases. You will experience them while you start practicing raga and connect to its frequencies.

For more details, refer to the terms and guidelines.

(Eligibility - Complete Course on Raga)

Kapil Srivastava is doing World Record Raga Journey, partnered by Govt. of India. If you haveRagas on Guitar - Book, Raga, Raag it in you, you can be considered for the amazing opportunity.

You can grow and develop your raga playing on guitar to concert levels, in guidance of veteran guitarist Kapil Srivastava, who has composed, re-arranged several ragas on guitar as a research work for the first time in history of guitar fraternity.

Advanced Raga Concert Program -

✔Develop ragas performance up to 30 minutes for concert playing
Give Raga Concerts/Perform with Kapil & Earn
Build advanced Ragas application by Kapil of 3 octaves playing, Jhala, Alaap on Guitar.

Raga is one of the fruitful subjects that offers a new room and space for an Independent style of Music, that can be played limitless... on the Guitar.”

I wonder when plenty of guitarists say that they are not obsessed with scales but chords, I found a new world of infinite explorations in the scales; in fact I have found my world here through Ragas......Kapil Srivastava

Note: By applying/enrolling to our program you acknowledge that you have accepted the Program’s Terms & Guidelines.