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World's First Guitar Shaped Hotel Hollywood, Florida, Tampa

Photo credit: Left: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino; Right: Getty.

400-feet tall guitar shaped hotel is opening at Hollywood, Florida this 24 October by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This is the first of it’s kind hotel in the world. As per them the property is worth around US 1.5 Billion $ and a part of a larger US$2.2 billion expansion project, including a second Florida Hard Rock Hotel & Casino located in Tampa.

Photo credit: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

It has 638 guest rooms, suites and over-water cabanas. According to their website, the architecture is designed to resembles guitars.

Guitar Shaped Hotel Theatre, Hall

Photo credit: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

A 6500 seats concern venue is set to be part of hotel expansion. Guests of the Seminole hard rock hotel will also have a retail corridor, day pool, night club, restaurants, bars and much more in it. As per them it can accommodate more than 100 huge shows in an year including Live concerts, boxing, theatrical entertainment and even award shows.

World's First Rock Guitar Hotel

Photo credit: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock International Chairman, Jim Allen stated at a press-event in New York that our brand represents more than just a food, beverages and a place to stay.

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