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Western Classical Guitar Course Classes Delhi

Western Classical guitar is a six string chordophone. There’s a good chance that you’re familiar with steel string or electric guitars. Classical acoustic guitar differs from its steel stringed cousins in a few key ways:

  1. The strings on a classical guitar are nylon.
  2. Classical guitarists play, for the most part, with their fingers — finger picking — rather than with a pick (plectrum).

Despite the classical in the name, classical guitars don’t have to be used to play art (classical) music. All genres are playable on nylon string guitars but with a difference of tone/timbre and impact.

Guitarmonk introduces specialized batches for Western Classical Guitar Course for aspirants. With the finest team of subject advisers from countries as Ukraine, Germany, US,  India. This program is being taken care by select respected mentors of the subject.



  1. Starting out with the right technique is crucial to your development as a classical guitarist/musician. This fundamentals lessons covers all of the first steps that you need to learn.
  2. Understanding of Staff Notations Language and its pertaining application on the instrument.
  3. Fingers Dexterity and development with various set of exercises, etudes, scales etc
  4. Relative Compositions / Repertoire development
  5. Certificate on successful completion


TENURE – Complete Duration of Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Program is 1 Year. But you can also apply for the program either Semester Wise or Complete One Year.

Bifurcated as :

  1. 40 Live Sessions (Online)
  2. 40 Recorded Sessions

Where each Semester comprises 20 Live Session (Online) & 20 Recorded Sessions

FEE – 

Lump-sum (1 Year) – Rs. 72,000 for Indian Residents Residing in India or $ US 1699 for other residents.
Semester (6 months) – Rs. 38,500 for Indian Residents Residing in India or $ US 899 for other residents.


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