Swarang – Colors of India

Imbibe cultural values in your students via Swarang

swarang - colors of indiaSwarang – Musical Colors of India

Swarang – as the name reflects, it comprises of two words ‘Swa’ + ‘Rang’ i.e. Swarang which means ‘our colors’ or ‘Our National Colors’, is a music album series produced by Guitarmonk Records

  1. Swarang represents a music album comprising of diversified Indian music genres and instruments as musical colors of India (See Presentation >>).
  2. This album series binds folk and regional music through various pure acoustic instruments of India in just one single gift/CD.
  3. One of the unique components of this album is short duration tunes that explain Indian folk, regional, instruments sentiments in a vivid manner.

For Schools – As our today’s youth is getting disconnected to Indian culture and roots, this album is a unique tool to connect and educate students to acoustic music, Indian music instruments, regional & folk music of India, Indian music moods and heritage, aesthetics and music therapy. It will also be helpful to build interest of students and create a bond of students to the melody (emotions/rasas) and moods of Indian music.

Benefit Areas – A school can expect to see a great change in students’ likeliness to Indian music tones, instruments and awareness about instruments, folk melodies. One can also see a change in perception, knowledge and receptivity of our young students towards our cultural roots besides a positive impact on psychology of students (in these fast, impatient, greedy lifestyles) via therapeutic and relaxing tones. It’s also the right age to imbibe & make them feel, enjoy and register the impact of such musical values and music therapy practice for their future lives.

Diversified ways through which yours school can/should implement the concept

1)           Album Gift to students – Adding it part of music awareness curriculum. School can also distribute this album as “PRESENTED BY – Your organization name’.

2)           Planning a Music Calendar for 100 days for your school and playing a different music each day (at morning) with explained philosophy about that day music. This can be represented on website, notice board.

3)           School can organize a ‘Swarang’ cultural event annually every year comprising of diversified artists.

Here are 2 Samples – a) Flute  b) Violin . Following are examples of implementation by corporate & hospitality

Corporate Implementation – Many offices enjoys this music as a 30 minutes session regularly during working hours because of its pleasing tones via diversified instruments and musical moods create a therapeutic, meditative and relaxing impact to the ambiance.

Hospitality Industry Implementation – Hospitality industry has much more to offer via this everlasting, non-perishable gift to their esteemed clients. It is a much better gift than a bouquet or cake which is perished in 2 days. This album is a lifelong asset and token of Indianism for foreign guests.

We look forward to your decision on implementation of this music concept at yours school. Look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards

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