Guitar Classes in Noida

guitar classes in Noida

Guitar Classes in Noida

Guitarmonk initiated its guitar education journey from Noida in the year 2005. One of India’s first formal guitar schools, guitarmonk operated its workshops from guitar classes in Noida Sector 18, 19, 26, 27, 39, 41, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 61, , Shopprix Mall, 62, 125, 126 and now also operating at various strategic locations at Noida.

Guitarmonk brand is greatly appreciated and accepted at Noida by parents and students as there has been none organized institution who took education so seriously and with such persistent passion commitment. Guitarmonk operates as per its own curriculum, teaching standards and parameters.

The best part of these curriculum is that even exercises are also defined which is prevalent in none other university. Moreover trained teachers, professional exposure are the loud successful elements of guitarmonk.

Guitarmonk teaching methodology offers a practical format i.e. they make you work hard, they make you learn, they motivate, inspire, give references, audio-videos, offer personalized module, expose you to studio, bring you in competition and indeed if you are too good then empanel you in all projects/participation in social movements and even financial projects and sponsorships.

Guitarmonk workshops are oriented for premium and sincere learning students. Guitarmonk value its students and allow admissions only on sincerity basis.

Sharing one student named Mukesh experience with you who has opted for guitar classes in Noida is very happy to succeed in so many things in Guitar within 2 months of learning i.e. after joining guitarmonk, which he couldn’t do in 1 year. This is the value and benefit of structured learning. Guitarmonk method is now expanded to 10+ countries is a concept/product from India to the world, is a scientific learning and researched curriculum, method and system of learning/training for guitar aspirants. Guitarmonk – India’s leading chain of guitar schools offering specialty guitar courses and programs (Hobby & Career) both online and offline.

To know about our programs and to join guitar classes in noida either fill the contact form or email at

Performance exposure to guitarmonk Indirapuram Ghaziabad students

Performance exposure to guitarmonk Indirapuram Ghaziabad students

Performance exposure to guitarmonk Indirapuram Ghaziabad students

August 15, in celebration with India’s Independence Day, Guitarmonk Musicians along with hundreds of Guitarmonk students performed national anthem at Shipra mall Indirapuram Ghaziabad to honor the country by performing the National Anthem and Vande Matram on Guitar. This has also resulted into a wonderful performance exposure to guitarmonk Indirapuram Ghaziabad students who are stage conscious.

By recognizing the strength and unwavering spirits of our nation’s people, the Independence Day Movement was a pledge for National Unity and also a call for anti-corruption and a terror-free India. The event was hosted at the Shipra Mall, Indirapuram Ghaziabad, with various cultural activities observed to mark the celebration.

This showcase of talents is just one of the many opportunities for Guitarmonk Guitar students to take advantage of, likewise with the performance platform and specialization in the Guitar Education curriculum.

Guitarmonk is one of India’s leading chain of Guitar Schools. It has developed a special curriculum on patriotic songs for special performances, to instill the sense of nationalism and strengthen the patriotic spirit among the modern youth.

Performance exposure to guitarmonk Indirapuram Ghaziabad students via these occasions has always been a great learning experience says  students. We acknowledge that Guitarmonk students’ efforts deserve to be recognized and we are just proud to present to the public audience the making of a musician within you.

Guitar Gifts for Vaishali Branch Ghaziabad

Guitar Gifts for Vaishali Branch Ghaziabad

Guitar Gifts for Vaishali Branch Ghaziabad

Every year Guitarmonk gives out 100 guitars for free to well-deserving students, scholars and best performing learners. This guitar scholarship is observed as a practice in select Guitarmonk branches to promote and boost the learning of engaged and spirited guitar learners. Due to the limited numbers, the guitar gifts are provided on a first come, first served basis at selected territories including guitar gifts for Vaishali branch Ghaziabad, just as terms and conditions apply.

In Ghaziabad, guitar classes are offered by the Guitarmonk Guitar Institute in Vaishali.  Situated conveniently near Shopprix Mall, near to Vaishali Metro Station, one can even do shopping nearby and learning at once! Attend the guitar classes in Vaishali at Guitarmonk then go on a food trip, watch a movie or even go shopping afterwards.

Mr. Amit, a senior member, Dinkar, a CRP student and Anamika, a Guitarmonk scholar are all attending the Guitar school in Vaishali. They are just some of  the few lucky recipients of guitar gifts for Vaishali Branch Ghaziabad.

The photos below are proofs that passion and dedication in one’s craft is not only fulfilling but can be a rich and rewarding experience too.

Guitar Classes in Vasundhara Ghaziabad

guitar classes in vasundhara ghaziabad

Guitar classes in Vasundhara Ghaziabad

Learning how to play the guitar is no longer a problem, now that Guitarmonk is offering Guitar Classes in Vasundhara Ghaziabad. Being one of the biggest residential and commercial hub in NCR, Vasundhara is also easily accessible from New Delhi and Noida.

As the only Guitar School in Vasundhara and the entire India to offer a 360 degree music concept. And a curriculum-based Indian guitar courses on Ragas and Bollywood on guitar. Vasundhara residents can now learn and enjoy the music from their guitars and explore more on their potentials as artists/guitarists.

Guitarmonk has proven to be a trusted Guitar Institute in Vasundhara based not only on statistics but from what the well-pleased patrons have to say. One of the proud students revealed that when he first joined the classes, his hands used to tremble often and that he didn’t know how to properly hold the guitar. But after a month or two, with dedication and continuous practice, he can already identify the chords well and pick the tunes. For him, it has been a very good learning experience.”

Another student shared, “It’s the best platform to have guitar classes in Vasundhara Ghaziabad. ‎I’ve been with Guitarmonk for the last 2 months and I’ve done only 15-16 classes. And yet now, I’m very much aware of the basics of guitar. I can now confidently say that, “Yes, I can play the guitar.” The kind of teaching methodology that Guitarmonk adopts is very substantial. Because even a person who has no musical background can easily learn at guitar classes in Vasundhara Ghaziabad. Guitar is one of the hardest instruments to learn, but the teaching technique of Guitarmonk is very simple and smooth. They really make it easy to understand. The friendly environment that Guitarmonk provides is really awesome. It’s a scientifically proven fact that music is the best way to gain positivism in your overall personality including your personal and professional life. Now, I do feel the same. Thank you so much to Kapil Srivastava for establishing Guitarmonk and providing us a right path to learn more about the guitar.”

Guitarmonk definitely agrees with Walt Disney when he said that, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” And of course, with the Apple Founder, Steve Jobs who advised to “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

Here at Guitarmonk, customer satisfaction is not our only goal but helping one be empowered and develop into a more productive and competitive citizen who will eventually share with others and the country as well his own triumphs and success. Guitarmonk is not just after personality development but is also a partner to nation-building. – Kapil Srivastava, CEO, Guitarmonk.

Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi

guitarmonk fair at west delhi

Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi

During the Hindu Festival of Lights, Guitarmonk held a Diwali Mela at one of the affluent areas in West Delhi. Janakpuri is a popular residential colony with luxury villas and residential lots with its own commercial complex hosting offices and spaces for business and government transactions. It is also known as a Colony of Parks and has become a prominent commercial hub in West Delhi.

A Music Camp was set up during Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi, Janakpuri where Guitarmonk home artists and students demonstrated music to the delight of the thrilled residents. Guitars, albums and books were on exhibit at the Mela as GM staffs assisted hundreds of local residents with their inquiries and purchases from the Guitarmonk Guitar Institute in West Delhi. Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi continued until midnight while Guitarmonk delivered a very good sales pitch that boost the revenue from Guitarmonk subscriptions and merchandise. And of course, there were free guitar learning coupons, various prizes and fun games to keep the enjoyment flowing.

Having a Guitarmonk school in West Delhi can help students tap on their musical inclinations and build their dynamism and confidence. Let the best professional brand of the country help you materialize your dreams. Learn from Guitarmonk and start building a career for your future.

For Guitar Classes in West Delhi, call us at +91 9899755985 | +91 9958550547  or email us at Know more about Guitar and Music Counseling, only from India’s Guitar Expert, the Guitarmonk.

Guitarmonk at franchise expo Rohini D Mall

guitarmonk at franchise expo rohini d mall

Guitarmonk at franchise expo Rohini D Mall

Melodies and cheers dominated the halls of D’ Mall in Pitampura, Rohini when the Guitarmonk at franchise expo Rohini D Mall  performed live at the hub of the franchise fair. Guitarmonk at franchise expo Rohini D Mall exhibit stall drew hundreds into the crowd. From the corporate law and various accounts brands, musicians and non-musicians alike, even curious onlookers got enticed to check out the showcase of Guitarmonk products, services and talents honed by the Master Guitarist and Guitarmonk owner, Mr. Kapil Srivastava.

Free guitar coupons were handed out to 25 lucky ones who may redeem their prizes at the Guitar institute in Rohini. The audience and associated brands also received guitar albums and gifts during the said event for discounted guitar classes in Rohini.

Guitarmonk, a 360 degree music concept through one of its guitar school in Rohini, would like to orient and bring closer to Rohini residents the joys and abundance in art and music with the guitar. Guitar classes and counseling, along with other Guitarmonk products and services are now being offered at the GM Rohini outlet.

To know more about Guitar Education, Music Instruments Distribution and Retail, Gifting Services, Emotions & Celebrations, Employees Engagement Services, Social Celebrations and movements, kindly visit or email Follow us on Twitter guitarmonk or call +91 9899755985 / +91 9958550547 for inquiries.

Role of music in Employees Engagement


Role of music in Employees Engagement

Meetings, deadlines, rising expectations, pressure to perform, employee turnovers, business trips and a lot more. All these can cause stress and anxiety to employees. Research findings from the journal Musicae Scientiae has proven that listening to music improves the office workers’ mood, making them happier and relaxed. It enables them to become more enthusiastic and inspired to come to work. Thus, boosts the creativity and productivity in the workplace. When employees feel calm and relaxed while working, it also enhances the harmony and sets the right ambiance in the corporate setting.

Relaxation and Stress management is an essential consideration for a company and its people. And role of music in employees engagement is the best way where the total wellness of the workforce has to be taken care of. A notable reduction on tardiness, absenteeism and grievances or attrition, plus enhanced quality of work and performance and improved team interaction are at stake once the need to de-stress has been overlooked.

Music is easily accessible, cost-efficient, creative and therapeutic too. Music is also a known catalyst in the creative process.  Role of music in employees engagement has come out as a valuable tool in the achievement of satisfaction along with the growth and development of employees within the company.  The selection of the right music at the right time is the key to the affective success of music in the corporate space.

A happy and engaged employee is a reflection of an effective company management.  And as Doug Conant, Campbell’s Soup former CEO puts it, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

We are the leading employee engagement vendor of music and the like to various corporations which primarily deals in services as music/guitar classes, music event, musical birthday bashes, ambiance music license for offices, signature tune of brand and much more. It has taught thousands of employees across diverse companies. Guitarmonk is proud to be the pioneer and first ever professional music employees’ engagement service provider in India.

Kapil Srivastava, the most wanted Guitar Teacher in Delhi


Kapil Srivastava, the most wanted Guitar Teacher in Delhi

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius

Kapil Srivastava’s ardor for music and guitars runs deep in his veins. Since early years he has always preferred music over sports, and even later in life he chose guitar-playing than a lucrative career in sales. For him, it wasn’t just the monetary gain but the sense of achievement and self- fulfillment that matters most.

And he never went wrong when he followed his passion. Kapil Srivastava, the most wanted guitar guitar teacher in Delhi, with 18 years of experience in music teaching, and students spread across 11 countries.  He founded Guitarmonk, a 360 degree music concept that delivers music as a utility for both consumer and corporate in form of recreation, engagement, entertainment, brand promotion and as a social responsibility

Kapil Srivastava has gone a long way from composing for Sa Re Ga MA, HMV, T-Series and Doodarshan, to authoring books, recording and in contributing a variety of music projects  to India’s music and entertainment industry. His active participation and support in his advocacies has led him to be a recipient of several state awards. One of such is the state level honors for being the Best Guitar player in India.

His name has now been associated as the Best Guitar Teacher in Delhi and Solo Guitarist of India, as his success keeps coming through. He has set the benchmark in quality guitar education and music learning in a nation with an estimated population of 1.27 billion and is even spanning it out to the rest of the world.

Check out more of his crusade in guitar education at our website.

Musical Gifts – Guitar Classes Kirti Nagar

Musical Gifts for Guitar Students in Kirti Nagar, West Delhi

John Lennon once said, “Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think people own it. “

Musical-Gifts -Guitar-Classes-Kirti-Nagar

In reality, Music is a free flowing energy that each of us should be enjoying, until commercialism took control of it. That’s why many of us think that to be able to enjoy music, we have to spend a fortune to keep this passion burning. Despite this, we took a brave act to change this notion by providing Musical Gifts – Guitar Classes Kirti Nagar branch and since then been reaching out to the talented, but less fortunate music lovers in the country. We have been spreading the coverage of guitar strings to connect the learners, the mentors and the instruments in congruity. With focus on education and actual experience, we offer tremendous knowledge, foundation development, expertise, opportunities and exposure in Guitar Education. Kapil Srivastava, founder Guitarmonk, is with a mission of connecting communities by making music available to everyone through music participation, where people from different walks in life are encouraged to express themselves through guitar rhythm, melody and harmony and to eventually develop a lifelong association with music.

Well, wishes do come true! And this year, some prayers were answered and wishes granted for some lucky students for Musical Gifts – Guitar Classes Kirti Nagar Branch who were selected to receive GM’s musical gifts. Ranging from scholarships, free guitars or accessories as a way of valuing the competitive and creative efforts of its learners. It is just one of the many other ways of giving out to the community as  corporate social responsibility.

Kapil Srivastava took it upon himself to initiate and devise a platform for guitar enthusiasts to enhance the motivation and exercise the passion for music, not only in India but to the rest of the world. In devotion to the rich musical culture of India,  and in upholding the historical value and importance of continuing the legacy of local music. Guitarmonk developed curriculum-based Indian Guitar courses on Ragas and Bollywood on Guitar. These courses are now being enjoyed by students in 11+ countries.

Guitarmonk’s Learning System is consists of  the following:

  1. Guitar Learning Kit
  2. Free Online Forum
  3. User-friendly facilities
  4. Feedback and Brainstorming with
  5. Certificates
  6. Projects
  7. Assessment Test
  8. Practical Performance /Recitals
  9. Opportunities for Music Participation
  10. Career guidance

This course can be a jump-start for a nobody to become a somebody. It’s a learning experience that can serve as a hobby and a career at the same time. Also, Guitarmonk is the only brand in India representing India’s Guitar Tone to the Global Guitar Community via, the first ever Online Guitar Channel in India that can boost an artist’s exposure to the global media.

Guitar aspirants, hobbyists and curious minds are all invited to pluck the strings and strums the guitars at Guitarmonk guitar institute in West Delhi or in any GM branches near your city. Explore your inner tune and let your musical journey begin with the most successful and awarded guitar training institute in India, the Guitarmonk.

Chaudhvin ka Chand

chaudhvin ka chandChaudhvin ka Chand, as the name says it all; it reminds us of one of the best romantic Indian compositions ever which was originally sung by Legend Mohammed Rafi.

The composition is re-framed in guitar style by leading guitarist Kapil Srivastava. This composition is also a part of India’s 1st ever guitar channel GMTuneTime.

The artist has showcased various acoustic guitar playing aspects through his stupendous skills & he loves to perform this tune at various live guitar events. Chaudhvin ka Chand on guitar has been selectively shot in a relative art gallery as MustArt Gallery and Gallerie AK to relate and maintain the composition’s essence.

Interestingly, Guitarmonk has also added this composition as one of the repertoire list which gets conducted as special repertoire based guitar classes in Gurgaon.