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Tremolo Picking

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& start performing SOLO LEAD GUITAR
without spending years on never-ending training & fee.

 ☝️ Dear Guitar Lovers

FACT: Do you know why most Indian Guitar Players are not well established and successful? It is because they are not an expert solo guitarist.

After having taught 15000 students (including beginners, professional guitarists, teachers) for two decades and giving 100s of solo guitar performances (including guitar with Grammy Winner, Bollywood, and Labels, etc). I evolved this magic of ‘TREMOLO PICKING’ into a system of training, to help people win their solo guitar dream without doing Masters’ & PHDs. (in fact, most PHDs don’t get to it).

Tremolo Picking Guitarist - Kapil Srivastava

This Guitar Technique gave me solo guitar freedom from Rs. 50/hour to 2 Lakhs/hour by making me a Solo Lead Guitar Player.

The MULTI-CRORE-RUPEE life-long skill, which can navigate your GUITAR SUCCESS to SKY DIMENSIONS

The 1-Month-Training Program can even be taken by a beginner because it is simpler yet charismatic.

Join My TREMOLO-PICKING CLUB – Be a Tremolo Guitarist & start performing Solo Lead Guitar

STEP # 1

Watch this video below ???
(This is not the demo only but much more than that)

1-month course of 30 Lessons

30 master video lessons by me.
Downloadable e-book of complete program details
Downloadable sheet for each lesson
Exam during the completion of the Level-2 course
Certificate on successful exam clearance
Tremolo based Gift-Tune to the student.
Tremolo Picking Private Club for doubts clearance.
Career Guidance by me for your future 1-2 hours concert development.

One Time investment to a
life-long skill

The most important advantage of this program is
; this club may also help you meet your guitar mates. If you are sincere then I will further support you to grow your repertoire after completion of your program so that you can plan a solo guitar performance of 1-2 hours, and earn/grow further.



MASTER LESSONS BY Kapil Srivastava
Theory & Exercises (I)

(Fee for an Indian residing in India)

Rs. 50002500

(Fee for NRI/Non-Indian/Foreign National)

US 13869$

.Access Time: 45 Days 

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MASTER LESSONS BY Kapil Srivastava
Exercises (II), Etudes & Repertoire 

(Fee for an Indian residing in India)

Rs. 50002500

(Fee for NRI/Non-Indian/Foreign National)

US 13869$

.Access Time: 45 Days 

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Both Level – 1 & Level – 2

(Fee for an Indian residing in India)

Rs. 100004400

(Fee for NRI/Non-Indian/Foreign National)

US 276121$

Access Time: 45+45 Days.
i.e. 45 days each for Level -1 & Level-2

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The above discounted fee is applicable for limited registrations only. The pricing can switch to regular fee anytime.



Art of Tremolo Picking & Benefits
A Vehicle to Lead Performance Stage
Be a Concert Guitarist
Duet Concert & LaunchPad
What is Tremolo Picking?
Plectrum‘ as well as ‘Finger‘ based Tremolo Picking
Myths & Facts – Practicing Guitar & Tremolo Picking
Beginning Tremolo Picking


 Focusing on the right hand through 10+ exercises at different tempo levels, with the accent, different grouping of strings viz. 3,4,5 Strings etc.

 Then focusing on both Left & Right-Hand development via an advanced set of 10 exercises expressing etudes, exercises or repertoire

Tremolo Course Also Comprises The Following Two Compositions

And More Surprise Compositions..

Tremolo Picking Lead Guitar Technique Course
  • <b>Excellent Performance</b>

    Excellent Performance

    Anupam Kher
  • <b>Absolutely Mesmerising & Beautiful</b>

    Absolutely Mesmerising & Beautiful

    Om Swami
  • <b>Honoured to be part of Guitarmonk </b>

    Honoured to be part of Guitarmonk

    Ustad Sultan Khan
  • <b> Privileged to have done duets with you & being part of Guitarmonk </b>

    Privileged to have done duets with you & being part of Guitarmonk

    Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy Winner)
  • <b>State Award (Delhi Govt)</b>

    State Award (Delhi Govt)

    Fmr. CM Sheila Dikshit
  • <b>Delighted to know about. Very Innovative</b>

    Delighted to know about. Very Innovative

    Atul Churamani (Fmr. VP, Saregama)
  • <b>Title Guitar Track for Bollywood Movie</b>

    Title Guitar Track for Bollywood Movie

    (Starring Lt. Irrfan Khan)
  • <b> Guitar University Development Initiative</b>

    Guitar University Development Initiative

    Shri Prakash Javdekar
  • <b> DynamicPersonality </b>


    Pt. Debu Chaudhuri (Padma Bhushan)
  • <b> Thankful to be part of your project </b>

    Thankful to be part of your project

    Sumitra Guha (Padma Shri)

Earn Your Guitar Freedom

As a Solo Guitarist, you are your own platform. You are independent and free to perform your own music because people love you and pay you for the same.

tremolo guitaring beautifies

People loved the most when I was able to beautify pieces with such varieties with the application of tremolo techniques. It makes the guitar another instrument. You sound 2-in-1

Doorway to Lead guitar playing

My whole approach is to inspire you to be able to see Tremolo Picking as your doorway to lead guitar playing.

I learnt guitar from 10s of teachers including bass, classical, theory specialist, conductors, from both Western and Indian Genres. Most of my guitar teachers struggled due to instability because they dedicated themselves to be accompaniment. Whereas my mission is to make you yours’ own brand

Some examples of Tremolo style

Depth of perform-ability of Indian genres

There is no scarcity of platforms in India but a scarcity of guitarists to lead. When I was a teenager, I used to perform 3 shows a day in the late 90s. (for Brands as Vishal Mega Mart, Raymonds, Bikanerwala, etc)

Getting Rs. 3000 at that point in time for my one solo guitar performance. In fact, this is the success that inspired me to choose the guitar as a career. Indian music can give you 1000s of repertoire to perform for 100s of hours. But are you ready to do it? 

In fact, Indian music repertoires can help you perform across the world because the world has not yet seen and listened to such melodies on the guitar.  

I performed guitar for 2 decades and felt that it’s time now to help many guitar players who are facing the next-step barrier. I would love to assist you and share my huge experience if that would help you in some way to grow yourself musically.



Masterminded & Explained by one of India’s top guitarists Mr. Kapil Srivastava

State Awarded Guitarist (Delhi. Govt.)
Title guitar track for the Lt. Irrfan Khan’s starring Bollywood movie
An Author of 10+ popular Guitar Books
A Mentor who produced many professional guitarists

Thank You Sir

Tremolo Picking

100s of my students are now professional teachers,
while 1000s of teachers and institutions worldwide
use my books and materials.

Tremolo Picking Reviews, Testimonials, Comments
  • You Made It So Easy

    Charan Sparsh Sir. If I could rate more than 100%, I would give 1000%. Never ever thought about learning or even trying tremolo picking. You made things so easy in your lessons.

    Surender Shetty
    (Guitar Student, Hyderabad)
    IT Professional

  • An Ocean Of Knowledge

    In one word. You are an ocean. I had always thought of myself as an accompanist in a band. You enhanced my vision. Got a totally new direction with this course. Love you Sir.

    Piyush Verma
    (Guitarist, Kolkata)
    Full Time Performer

  • Lots of Love from Bangalore

    You are amazing in this era. What I learned in it is inexpressible and precious for me. My life would be blessed if I get to meet you.

    Sathya Murthy
    (Guitar Teacher, Bangalore)
    Owner – Music Academy

  • God of Guitar. Beautiful Course

    Sir, I never imagined I could even touch to play guitar like this. Especially, when I started as a beginner. But I was wrong.  I am not just a student of you Sir but a huge fan of your playing. You are the guitar for me.

    Riya Kapoor
    (Guitar Student, Delhi)
    Working Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for?

    This program is both for beginners as well as non-beginners, whether you are an aspiring student, teacher, or performer.  It is a life-long enhancement skill that can be utilized by anyone for the purpose of guitaristic & professional guitar growth.

  • How will I receive the sessions?

    You will be given private access (username and password) of our premium online tremolo course portal, where you can access videos of the lessons. There will be 15 lessons in Level -1 and 15 Level-2 each. You can ask any doubt and interact with Kapil Sir directly through the portal.

  • Will I be able to interact in the course?

    Yes, it’s a completely interactive program monitored by Kapil Sir & the team. Kapil sir also comes live on the portal once a week to clear answer/doubts (if any) of the students and in case you are not available at that time. You can ask/send your doubts in advance.

    Moreover, In Level -2, there is an exam submission, which will be checked and result will be shared with you.

  • What if I am an absolute beginner & never held guitar in my life?

    There is a difference being at beginner level vs absolute zero (dummy) in guitar, means you have never held guitar in your life. A beginner can even be a person who has attended few classes some time ago or can run little bit of left hand & right hand. Even for absolute beginners, one can easily do level -1 as it can enhance their right hand but level -2 may require few sessions on left hand (which is not part of this course).

    So, if are really sincere to develop your guitaring (be it at hobby level), you should be at least doing 4 levels (40 sessions) of CRP Program. This will be your one time knowledge gain to cover all the essential concepts of guitar.

  • Can I directly enrol for Level -2 ?

    No, Level – 1 is mandatory before Level -2. And if you mistakenly enrol for level 2, your enrolment will be automatically transferred to Level 1.

  • Can I get further discount ?

    Yes, if you enroll in Complete Tremolo Course (Level 1 & level 2). You will get an additional Rs. 600 off.

  • Can I re-apply for exam If I get failed in it?

    Yes, you can apply for re-exam (conducted at level -2) by paying an examination fee of Rs. 299/- (for Indian residing in India) & US 10$ for NRI/Non-Indian/Foreign Student.

  • Can I finish the courses in earlier time?

    Yes, it depends upon your speed, you can finish the course as early as you can. Be it within 5 days or 45 days.

    But we still gave you 45 days of time per level to access the course.

  • How much time do I need to practise?

    If you have 10-15 minutes a day, you can easily finish the course within 15 days or even in lesser time by devoting more time to it. You additionally need 20-30 minutes of practice time to be ready for the next lesson.

  • When will the course start after the registration?

    You will get the enrolment confirmation email immediately after you enrol. And the course will commence within 7 days from the date of registration.

More About Me

My life journey can be seen in 4 steps. I started my journey as a professional guitarist (in my teenage years), evolved as an educationist, and then entrepreneur & now touching people’s lives using music as a tool with whatever ideas nature showers me with.

When I look back, I see the guitar instrument was more like a merudand (spinal cord), the center of gravity of my life. Even before I could understand (and understanding even now), I have already given 24 years with guitar, possessing it like a kamandal (ewer) of a monk, sprinkling something out of it every day, unconsciously and in an undisciplined way. To read more about me visit

Note: By applying/enrolling to our program you acknowledge that you have accepted the Program’s Terms & Guidelines.