Guitarmonk’s method in more than 10 countries

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We all know being a musician in this part of the world is not easy. Whether its finance or a platform, every musician in India is bound to struggle at some point of time in his career, and this is where guitarmonk’s CRP, a complete guitar methodology, guitar training which can be of immense help to music & guitar seekers.

Guitarmonk CRP is now into its 3rd year and one of India’s fastest growing Guitar education programs. Having served thousands of students across various territories, this method is now also part of various corporate and schools engagements. The program is also learnt by India’s premium corporate including CEO, Directors, VPs /Principals/Colonels etc

The scientific guitar education system offers every solution for a budding guitarist including live performance platform, advanced learning for career seekers, back up learning e-forums, complete learning curriculum, video portfolios, certificates, qualified and trained mentors, 24 X 7 support to students.

Having received the state award in the guitar education excellence, guitarmonk has widespread its wings in more than 10 countries with more than 100 music albums. We welcome you to explore guitar with guitarmonk.

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