Successful launch of India first professional career in guitar batch


Breaking the conventional paths of education, music industry pioneer Guitarmonk has successfully launched its first professional career in Guitar batch.

The course is the first of its kind UGC approved Bachelor Guitar Degree Career with specialization in Guitar Music in India.

So far, instrumental music in our country used to be majorly in three major instruments of sitar, veena and tabla. Guitar Graduation is a landmark change in the upcoming music genre.   The 3 years program offers 8 certificates along with 1000+ hours of industry exposure.

This is a skill development program with which a student can easily start a job after successful completion of course. The course also have a GM Tune Time launch me’ platform that will create a complete video song for all students to brings them in forefront in media and social media. It will expose them with pre and post production stages and creates a platform to generate their fan base for ever, said Kapil Srivastav

The eligibility of program is 12th standard minimum as per the required guidelines of UGC and the next 2016 to 2019 year registration comprise of only 60 seats across India and the countdown beginning from October 2015.

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