Philosophy Behind Certificate Programs

We have observed in our years of experience that 90% of student pick their guitar just for aesthetical value means even if they don’t possess the aptitude to learn it, it is still sufficient that they are possessing a guitar instrument (hanging at their special home or office wall somehow) and they are taking some sessions where they can hold the guitar posture and kiss their guitar that finally they have achieved it and done it. Impression of having a guitar instrument at home creates a fake impression of aesthetical sense and creative impression in them.

Hobby playing is like a shield to no practice but truth is that either one can play it or some one can’t play it. Hobby just means that you are not earning from it but that is not a compromise or compensation with learning.

For many technocrats, it’s even more than enough to just being associated to guitar or guitar sessions or guitar school and having a guitar with them. We call these people for so many guitar work outs, online and offline but they are hard to spend time. It doesn’t matter to them even if the classes are getting forfeited, they are happy with just ‘tring – tring’

Guitar is an instrument that is symbolic to creativity, music, beauty, romance, and youth. It’s a complete instrument that takes one to the depth of composing skills and is penetrated inside all world musical genres. For some people at least the idea of being with guitar is reason of self fulfillment.

The semester wise courses are not suggested to above mentioned people because that’s neither an ideal consumption of a good teacher resource not an ideal learning value in a right way. In semester programs, we understand that student is sincere, committed and their approach is not by granted to instrument.

Semester programs are also designed to cover essential elements of music that must be known by a beginner after a specific level. So semester training is not only a constructive outcome in shortest time but also a path to guaranteed and successful Guitaring.

Semester wise Guitar learning is also connected to projects, where students have full scope to present their talent, learning and also earn through that.