History of Doctor’s Day


Doctors play an irreplaceable role in our lives.  From Homeopaths to Heart Specialists, from Dentists to Neurosurgeons, from Physicians to Pediatricians, they are serving us tirelessly every day.  It is difficult to imagine a life without doctors.  Their contribution to the individual lives and communities deserves recognition.

The Doctor’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries.  In India it is commemorated in the memory of eminent physician Sh. Bidhan Chandra Roy who was born on 1st July 1882.  During the struggle for freedom and thereafter, he was a great proponent of providing free medical services to the poor.  He served as the Chief Minister of huge Bengal province.  He was friend, follower and doctor of Mahatma Gandhi.  When the Mahatma underwent fast during Quit India movement near Poona, Dr. B. C. Roy was appointed to look after his health condition.  [Perhaps Dr. B. C. Roy was as famous as Dr. Naresh Trehan of today who appeared on the National T.V.  to tend the health of modern day Gandhi – Anna Hazare!]

An interesting anecdote from the life of Dr. B. C. Roy goes like this:

Mother Teresa had taken help of Dr. B. C. Roy for clean water, electricity, garbage removal and other basic facilities which a civilized society needs.  One day she politely commented in a light mood – ‘I hope you don’t think we Sisters are tackling too much, Dr. Roy?’

‘Not at all.  Make it bigger.  Bigger, Mother.  A good cause never suffers for want of money!’

                He had a faith as great as that of Mother Teresa.

Dr. B. C. Roy’s invaluable words to the youth may be quoted here.  ‘Youth must not take part in strikes and fasts but should study and commit themselves to social work.’

Guitarmonk celebrating the Doctor’s Day since 2010 in a unique and pioneering way.  They go to doctors all over (to  and present them with bouquets, flowers, music salutation and a gift therapy music album .  The response from doctors have always been overwhelming.  The event got noticed by the media.  Prof. Kiran Walia, The Then Minister of Health and Family Welfare in the Government of Delhi complemented the organizers via a certificate.  Dr. Lal Path Labs labeled this event as the historic and 1st ever event of its kind in India and also in Asia.

                Vide such celebrations, Guitarmonk connected the fraternity of doctors with the people. Some messages which emanated from the event were simply beautiful — “To be available to their patients every time”; “to re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of cleansing the society of its sufferings”; “to re-visit our values that make us what we are”; “serving people without fear or favor”; “medicine is evolving and not a finished product yet”; “Radical Humanism”; “to let the society have a benefit of our radiating personality” to name a few.   From the various videos recorded of the doctors, what emerged was a universal fact that they are a very busy lot and being able to find time for their families a big challenge before them.

                The Doctors Days is now not just a one day event but a campaign to thank role-model doctors whenever possible by making the doctors feel good and special.

                ‘Kayotsarg’ is a Sanskrit word which means relinquishing any bodily movement and adopting a meditative yogic posture and concentrate on the true nature of the soul as being separate from the body.  The therapeutic album ‘Ragas & Healing’ produced by Guitarmonk Records is a soul soothing collection of therapeutic music which is used by doctors and patients for their clinic ambiance and personal listening respectively.

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