Guitarmonk Shakti for Women Empowerment

Guitarmonk Shakti - Let’s come together for a cause never before! 

Guitarmonk ShaktiGuitarmonk is joining hands with Shakti Foundation, an organization working for socio-economic upliftment of tribal women. We have come up with an initiative “Empowering Daughters – Empowering India”. And we are celebrating the brave spirit of Indian daughters on a very special day, 17th September. It will be 66th birthday of our Hon PM Shri Narendra Modi. We have named it “Atulya Shakti Diwas”!.  A special attempt to break Guinness World Record of World’s Tallest Pyramid Cake will be targeted. It will also be backed by live musical greeting and salutation under the leadership of Guitarmonk. The Guitarmonk Shakti duo also pledges to inaugurate FREE MUSIC EDUCATION centers @ Surat. To support more than 10,000 under-powered women as ‘Music for Peace and Prosperity’ for our daughters. Moreover, this event is going to bring Nation’s attention to both the ACHIEVEMENTS and ISSUES of Indian daughters.

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What is Guitarmonk Shakti?

A collaboration between two organizations who want to make a difference. Guitarmonk is into music for last two decades is joining hands with Shakti Foundation. An NGO actively working for socio-economic upliftment of tribal women of South Gujarat. “Guitarmonk Shakti” will be a platform for underprivileged girls and kids who are passionate for any kind of music. Hence training and education can be transformed as fine artists in future.

What is this collaboration between them?.

Kapil Srivastava, a renowned guitarist of India, developed this concept. He thought of this concept years back and was looking for such an organization who can contribute into this kind of a unique concept.  Having known Shakti Foundation and its active participation in rural development and women empowerment. Through many interactive sessions he furthermore concluded it to be a perfect partner for the same.

The Foundation is already working with rural, underprivileged girl children will be identifying suitable and deserving candidates for Guitar and Music Education. While Guitarmonk will provide them a platform with thorough training. The collaboration will start from Surat (Gujarat) and then will be taken to other cities too.

What is your core belief of this project?

To search hidden talent in the underprivileged kids. They are already lagging behind into many walks of life. Music education is also one of them. We mutually want to provide them a platform to educate, perform and excel into any specific or general interest area of music.

Why and how to support this initiative?

Like-minded people who also want to make a difference in a life of a less privileged, can participate and support this Music Education and empowerment via this unique concept. As a result, One can help in making a huge contribution into their lives through donating to such needy and deserving children . Music education can make them happier, stress free, passionate and focused about their life goals.

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