A Global Guitar Donation Campaign

Guitarmonk started Guitar Gift campaign, officially around 2014 with an objective to connect Guitar at every home. (Guitarmonk was doing this campaign even before this but it took a formal independent shape by 2014).

In 2016, guitarmonk took this campaign to a new level by donating 100 guitars to Orphans, Divyangs & Daughters-in-need of support. These guitars got distributed to Shakti for Women, Vatsalyadham, Social Action Foundation, Bands, Teachers and Volunteers etc. for this cause.

From then to now, this GUITAR GIFT Campaign has become an Independent Movement. It also includes facilitating music education.

PHILOSOPHY -Music is the one medium of Joy, entertainment and accomplishment in life. Music education involvement not only disallows drugs, violence, road-rages among people but also turn away at-risk youth from life of crime. It engages their energies; give them positive role-models/outlets via music.

It is better to have a Guitar than a Gun in hand and if we can let a terrorist hold a guitar instead of a weapon, we will win the war and discover a beautiful life (Says Kapil Srivastava, Founder – Guitarmonk @kapilguitarist).

Boredom and loneliness is the most common reason cited in teenage violence & crimes (Criminal Lawyer, SC Srivastava). Music is also absorptive meditation; in music one forgets all its boredom, emptiness. It informs anyone that this life is a gift, it’s beautiful and we can celebrate it without possessions. We can forget all negativities that surround us, we can smile, sing, and feel joyful. (Says Kapil)

When we invest on a music instrument in life of a lonely kid, it’s a life-long investment to them. It’s a lifelong tool to smile for them. There are infinite organizations that serve food, medicine i.e. catering to survival needs but someone has to take care of their psychology, state of mind, happiness and that is what this campaign took itself to. A lot of kids are born poor but they have no reason to stay unprivileged.

We are bridging like-minded people to come forward to support Orphans, Daughters, Divyangs musically.
Please note this campaign is not just about Guitar Gifts but also Educating them musically.

Guitar Donation Drive to Support the unprivileged orphans/divyang. Win Free Guitar Contest for General Public as well. Let’s contribute joy.

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