Economical Guitar Classes fee

economical guitar classes fees


Sometimes enquiries show concern about Guitarmonk fee but the reality is that ‘WE HAVE THE MOST ECONOMICAL GUITAR CLASSES FEE IN INDIA’. They confuse and compare paying monthly vs. paying for whole year learning.

Rs. 300/ hour approximately with plethora of facilities – Guitarmonk charge Rs. 300/hour approximately as education fee with lots of facilities to its students as teacher, air conditioned class rooms, curriculum, personalized forum, accessibility of location and other dedicated 24 X 7 support with academic facility of examination, test, projects etc. Teacher also spends conveyance to visit every class.

Here you pay once and don’t have to pay againYou pay for 80 hours and the whole year.

In 2005, guitarmonk used to charge Rs. 400/hour and that too without any facility to students. After 10 years, we are at Rs. 300/ hour. Why? Because it is not entertainment but education. (many Guitarmonk students admit it)

HOBBY STUDENTS SHOULDN’T FAIL TOO – We like to mention that Guitar is a complete subject as you study computers, medical. Music also has BA to PHD. People spend 20 years and yet learning.  For Hobby Students, we suggest complete recreational program of 80 hours of learning for understanding grammar and start playing lots of tunes. Guitar Grammar cannot be given in 1 – 2 or 3 or 4 months just like you can’t expect visible body muscles by going 2-3 months to a gym or be a swimmer in same time. You can’t have a visible talent in Guitar too. Guitar is an instrument that covers both rhythms and leads.  It requires a little time to deliver and understand concepts. This is like a technical skill and art. You grow your finger muscles; you learn lots of tunes, scales, rhythms, exercises and concepts. Commitment is mandatory.

If you don’t commit, your learning will never end and you end-up paying more and in lakhs.

If you keep your learning monthly, you will have same type of in-sincere people in your batch (going and coming) and they will continue the same topics and learning for years and years and you will not grow. Your each session will not be progressive to next step. That’s the main reason guitar education has a 90% above failure rate while in Guitarmonk we have up-to 100% success rate. Of course until you are absent or unwilling to learn and practice. Thus nobody can learn the art of guitar without commitment.

Guitarmonk never take insincere batch – And that’s why student who don’t commit, we never take them. We receive 5000 tentative enquiries in a year; we only register 150 in a year. We reject rest. We also charge Lakhs of rupees from single student for half or 1/4th of same education under special cases. We don’t mean it in ‘privileged seats’.

Students who pay less, pays higher and end up in both time and money loss

We come across many students who were learning from somewhere else. Some were taking home-tuition from different teacher and calling teacher at home and paid Rs. 500 to 1000 per class for almost 3 years. When they gave 3 years and have taken 150 – 200 classes, they have actually ended up paying in lakhs. When we conducted basic prelude test of same students (Prelude program we normally cover in 2.5 months), most of them fail in explaining the things that we teach in 1st session. So think about paying Lakhs and not learning the guitar? What would you choose?

Are you really passionate for Guitar? At Guitarmonk it matters that you are ready to participate..

At Guitarmonk we maintain a standard of admissions based on aptitude and want to save our time and as well as bad reputation through insincere students. We have students who visit us from Uttarakhand etc and sells their bike, mortgage their land, or even sell their wife jewels. Passion is not free, it comes with a price.

Think how much you spend on petrol, pizza and pop-corn or MOZITO DRINKS

Rs. 300 is an amount that won’t cost a pizza for two people. It would cost waters at PVR. Same teachers when go for recording usually charge Rs. 5000 per session and performance charge 50000/hour. But for education it is. Rs. 300 only. It is not a money making activity. It is an education deliverance activity for whole year by teachers with all facilities.

Guitarmonk organize charitable batches

It happens in different villages in Delhi including diploma courses for woman and for ‘orphans in south Delhi’.  These are managed under ‘Guitarmonk Social’ via [email protected] Our C.S.R. division also distribute free guitars, clothes and even food to all participants.

Please note, we maintain our education for education sake.  Refer Guitarmonk 8 education facts.

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  1. Suhas nikam

    Hi… Myself suhas..i m from aurangabad(mh). By profession i m civil engineer. Ashiqui ka gana suna tha.. Kapil sir ka… Bahot hi khoob laga… Me bahot bar sun chuka hu aur aaj bhi sunta hu kapil sir ka ye compocision….Guitar pe Music.. Bahot psnd krta hu.. Aurangabad me classes he.. Yahi pe join kiya hu…………Sikhana shuru he…. Last 3 classes miss kiya…kyonki cunfusing chapter lga… Pr guitarmonk ki kuchh lines pdhke lga…. Ki bhai.. Agr passionate abt guitar he… To hi apne..aur samnewaleki time ki kimat kr… Wrna stop it…. But aaj class he… Aur me jrur ja raha hu… I will give time for my passion….thank you guitarmonk team…

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