Beginners Program to Keyboard (Prelude)

Beginners’ Programme to Piano (Prelude, I, II, III)

This series of four volumes is for all those who love music and would like to learn basics of the instrument –Keyboard. It is written in a simple and lucid style; a reader with no prior knowledge of the subject can understand it. The systematic and well-organized content of the book includes the most popular western and Indian songs as well as the most popular music melodies of our times. The series can also be used by students who prepare for various music examinations. Each book of the series accompanies an audio-CD.

Special features of the book:

1) Familiarizes the readers with music terminologies
2) Exercises for extensive practice
3) Step-by-step approach to practice and learning
4) Notations and tablature of compositions
5) An audio-CD contains compositions on popular music melodies of the book


About Keyboard, Architecture

Terminology/Basics of Staff Notations

Why Music
Music in Corporate
Music Therapy
Music in Schools
Ainsi Font, Font, Font – 1
Alouette 1
Amazing Grace – 1
Brother John Sing & Play – 1
Clementine – 1
For Health and Strength – 1
Jingle Bells – 1
London Bridge – 1
Old Macdonald Had A Farm – 1
Twinkle Twinkle – 2
Are You Sleeping
For Health and Strength – 2

Indian Songs Repertoire

Dooba Dooba
Tere Bin Jina Nahin
O Sanam
Ye Hawa Kehti Hain Kya
Purani Jeans

Language: English | Code: 9725B | Pages: 37 

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