Jamming Club

  • Trio
  • Quartet
  • Duo
  • Solo



NEED - Guitar is a very sophisticated subject unlike many other art-forms / subjects. Many sincere students get lost in the black hole after finishing the course. They don’t have any next step or milestone to achieve. This Guitarmonk JAM CLUB is going to be that place where they can rely for rest of their lives too.

AFTER CRP - Students, after learning CRP wants to stay motivated and may choose (any or all of options) as -

  • Be a TEACHER by giving exam
  • Complete their DIPLOMA
  • Apply for Independent GRADE EXAMS
  • Apply for FRANCHISE
  • Be Part of JAMMING CLUB


Guitarmonk Jam Club is an opportunity and platform to help students satisfy their thirst of learning & achieve growth, performance or even fame. It is for anybody who wants to enter into realms of live guitar performance. A student can shape their foundation skills, build their repertoire, and go to next level in guitar (wherever you are). Guitarmonk gives students a practical platform to inspire their Hobby to Practical Demonstration (by playing complete, accurate pieces in original tempo & dexterity level).

It's just like when a student is learning science in foundation classes, we want to help you with exciting projects/experiments i.e TUNES to submit and make your guitar learning appears as a successful outcome. Here we serve you a professional repertoire which looks lovely on Guitar (without u investing on further learning or teacher)

We provide these resources (sheets, tracks and background music so as you can play solo, duet) at any place of your (student) convenience and can record it (audio & video) in their natural ambience (with their own mobile). This allows them to keep guitar skills as their main showcase and throw away all barriers of delay.

The good quality students' performance will/can/may be further sponsored with studio and other facilities (accompaniment musicians) by Guitarmonk for a much lavish/luxury launch later. We also take a commitment from you so that you don't back out from your guitar practice and this discipline.


Guitarmonk is the only Institute so far to creatively engage you this way. The benefits are -

  • Way to sustain your guitar and take it to next levels
  • Stay committed to Guitar rather end it in your own self
  • Keeps breathing your guitar for many years as long as you want
  • Enhance upon your foundation skills
  • Build your portfolio
  • Develop your repertoire for live performance/concerts
  • Compete to be among top 3 Performers

PURPOSE - The purpose of this model is so we can hold hands of students with learning deficit after they invested in hobby and then after hobby get stopped and they put their guitar to rest.

So Let's JAM OUT and be part of JAMMING CLUB


  1. Pukarta Chala Hoo Main
  2. Hothon Se Choo Lo Tum
  3. Tumko Dekha to Ye Khayal Aaya
  4. Ajeeb Dastan Hai Ye
  5. Chura Liya
  6. Oh Carol
  7. Tu Aashiqui Hai
  8. Ankhen Khuli Ho Ya Ho Band
  9. Bholi Si Surat
  10. Adayen Bhi Hain
  11. Tujhse Naraaz Nahi

And many more…


Select from our PERFORMANCE SYLLABUS/REPERTOIRE (from list) or submit your own tune

– Practice, Perform & Submit it.


Guitarmonk CRP Student or Guitarmonk's Level 3 Grade Exam Certified


This opportunity shapes your all past Guitar learning efforts to a beautiful pedestal. With the help of Guitarmonk Jamming Club, you learn to progress and make your guitar shine in a professional way.  You not only inspire people but also celebrate the musical tunes, live the spirit and magic of guitar sound and bring charm around everyone by your playing.

So grab your sheet immediately and prepare yourself to perform.

Rs. 350/-

Terms and Guidelines

  1. A student has to focus and submit only one tune at a time.
  2. A student can select from the mentioned library of tunes and can also mention its own tune.
  3. A student can perform instrumental or can also sing along with the guitar.
  4. Student can perform solo, duet (if you have any guitar-mate) etc.
  5. The commitment fee is towards administration and motivating you to learn more.
  6. Based on your commitment Guitarmonk will sponsor you:
    • Music Transcription - Tablature, Staff Notations of Select Sheet
    • Play Along Tracks as recommended for Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet Playing
    • And Moderation of your performance result (The above mentioned package values at up to Rs. 2000)
  7. The focus of this cause is to sustain student's practice and take his commitment towards learning and growth.
  8. Guitarmonk doesn't want student take this jamming discipline by-granted or waste our resource investment on them.
  9. The duration of student submitting the tune is maximum 90 days from the date of registration. The student will receive the relevant material via email within 7-14 days from the date of registration.
  10. A student can apply for maximum up to 4 registrations per year. Student's commitment fee of Rs. 350 is towards one submission and for one applicant only. Amount paid is non-refundable, non-transferable under all circumstances. They are towards administration, moderation, sheet music, IT and other charges. (Please Note - This is a social initiative to motivate students to learn, perform, and participate more. If a candidate is unable to submit or practice, please don’t waste yours and ours time by sending any refund, transfer request. Instead re-register for next submission).
  11. There are no re-submissions allowed in a single registration so make sure whatever you submit should be your first and final submission.
  12. Submissions after the deadline date (as mentioned above) will not be considered for assessment. You need to re-register then.
  13. All support enquiries communications are at contact@guitarmonk.com