Guitar Duet : Grammy Winner – Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava

India's Top Guitarists - Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava

India’s top Guitarists Grammy Winner and Padma Shree Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & State Awarded Guitarist and Bollywood Composer Kapil Srivastava joins up to bring up a Rare fusion of Mohan veena and Western guitar.

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Both guitarists will bring a Series of 2 compositions one by one expressing nature and various emotions.

The 1st Composition GUITAR VEENA – I is successfully launched (refer video below) while GUITAR VEENA – II is in its making. Composition 1 focused on the Rain Music named as Merry Love Rain while the Composition 2 is focuses on Joy of Rhythm Keherva, which is a traditional folk rhythm of Indian Music.

It is not regular that the two established musicians (Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava) from 2 different genres and musical heritage are collaborating these days. India’s top guitarists Grammy Winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Guitarmonk Founder Kapil Srivastava join together for the rare Guitar duet.

Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is Creator of the MOHAN VEENA and the winner of the Both Padma Shree & GRAMMY AWARD, has mesmerized the world with his pristine pure, delicate yet fiery music plays the slide guitar or Mohan Veena. He is an Hindustani classical music instrumentalist who‘s album, A Meeting by the River with Ry Cooder have won in the prestigious Grammy awards. One of his biggest exposure was his appearance in Eric Clapton’s 2004 Crossroad Guitar Festival.


Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava

Kapil Srivastava, regarded as the Guitarmonk of India, the founder of India’s largest chain of guitar schools, inspired more than 10,000 guitar students worldwide from 18+ countries. A multi-talented & multi-awarded musician honored by all 3 government ministries including a state award in the year 2007. He recently composed title music for Bollywood Movie – Dubai Returns (starring Irrfan Khan) & was the one only guitarist among for 30 young musicians in India by Sa Re Ga Ma, HMV. Author of 6 guitar books and 3 solo albums to his credits.

“Pandit ji is the epitome of my guitar journey; he is the one whom I have always looked up ever and ever to be like as a guitarist. And this opportunity to perform with him is like my dream come true” said Kapil Srivastava

“I am delighted to work with Kapil Ji for this music project. I thank him and his team for the contribution and further excited to see his education set ups for aspirants. I’m very much a part of Guitarmonk now…said Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Ji

The song is awaited for its release in National TV and at online YouTube Channel gmtunetime.

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