Indian Guitar Music App is just a click away


Five thousand downloads sans any marketing support! This definitely is a hit.

Achievement it is, for Indian Guitar Music app that has set a landmark of quicker downloads. The app designed for ardent music lovers not just serves diverse Indian music on Guitar but it also dishes up therapy and healing music by Guitarmonk records. Through the app one also gets an easy access to Bollywood retro music re-lived and re-arranged in instrumental guitar by one of the best guitarists of India Kapil Srivastava.

The app is every bit worthy of the monies spent on the creation of videos and audios to entertain people. This concept is powered by Guitarmonk, India’s leading chain of specialty guitar schools, which will soon be launching its musical episodes (videos) on TV Channels as a part of its expansion plan.

Guitarmonk has continuously been instrumental to pull the youth through various channels. It has already come up with Launch-Me project that helps music seekers with what they need the most to kick start their career-a launch pad. Through this program, Guitarmonk guides the budding artists from the start to end of their professional training and gives them a platform to propel their career in music.

And now there’s this indian guitar music app to the young technology savvy age that wants everything with just a few clicks. So why wait! Let music unfold its magic inside your handset also and that too at no cost.


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