Guitar and Tabla Maestro Performing together

Guitar and Tabla Maestros

Kapil Srivastava and Athar Hussain Khan i.e. Guitar and Tabla Maestros respectively had a great time recording Indian Guitaroo track. It is bound to be a beautiful outcome when two maestros and exponents of their respective instruments come-in together to make music. This video is shot at Kingsway camp New Delhi.

“I got to work with Athar in many recordings, which is so overwhelming every time. We have been working on Raga Fusion for over 10 years now and fortunately this is our first video shoot since then” says Kapil Srivastava.

Athar Hussain, who is from Ajrada Gharana, is the famous tabla sound that you hear every day for on news channel Aaj Tak title music.

“Kapil ji has made this piece in raga Puriya Dhanashree, which is a mix as we also take some rock fusion in it, is a piece that can be well understood by learned musicians as it is very difficult to take ragas on guitar and he has implemented it very well on guitar” says Athar Hussain.

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Watch reviews from Ustad Athar Hussain Khan on Guitar and Tabla composition below:

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