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Guitarmonk Records, unit of Guitarmonk, is one of India’s leading definitive arts music record label company. It focuses on preserving definitive arts music, researching on diversified concepts of music therapy and reconnecting the rich heritage, therapeutic values of Indian music to the modern society.

About Need of Listening Music – There are various studies on effect of music activity, music listening activity on brain. Scientific studies has proved that music has a great impact on psychological, social, physiological aspects of human being and listening right music can be de-stressing, therapeutic and healthier to a person as it touches various human emotions and triggers specific muscles of brain. Very few people know that music is now considered compulsory than computers at elementary level in USA. Most of the engineers at Silicon Valley are practicing musicians.

In various researches at school, it’s a proven fact that music involvement disallows drugs, road rages and impatient behavior among students, which is the basis of increased crimes in today’s society.

Album Release by Education Minister

And this is what Music Calendar is all about.

GM Records Music Calendar is also said as 5 minutes to music therapy, Is a unique tool to engage every school student with music without involving their time. It selects specific therapeutic tunes with clearly defined objective and value for student. A rich music repertoire is compiled into a 100 days music playing calendar for school. The ideal time for this music playing can be at morning time, lunch or before school is going to be over. The 5* minute music will enrich the student, school ambiance and of course teachers with a rich source of energy and create an anti-anxiety environment. This calendar can be pre-informed on website or notice board as well to create a curiosity for the today’s new music among students.

The benefits that school will see via this music calendar application –

  1. Rich musical memory and register of tones, moods in the mind of student
  2. Positive and much better (anti-stressed) environment among work force
  3. Awareness about Indian music including but not limited to ragas, folk tunes, regional tunes and various Indian music instruments tones.
  4. Increase in music receptivity to understand, appreciate, and perceive classical rasas, moods and emotions.
  5. A strong connect to Indianism and aesthetics, music, heritage of India
  6. Increased interest to music and a better musical personality
  7. Ability to appreciate and develop a bond with the quality of Indian music, which is today a 100% disconnect with the teens.

Most kids today are connecting themselves to heavy electric, rock music rather acoustic music. Various researches have brought the fact that exposure to heavy bass, heavy metals, electric music at a very young age damages certain possible brain sensitivities, build suicidal tendencies and promotes aggressive/instinctive behavior. It’s recommended that acoustic/classical music should be practiced/listened an early, growing age of students which provides them the opportunity to develop the sensitivities and time to perceive/learn the mood/emotion/rasas and take various health benefits from them.

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