For Corporate

Dear Employee Engagement/HR/Talent Management,

Guitarmonk is one of India’s leading and established employee’s engagers and music services providers. Our areas include specialty music services as workshops, cultural events, CSR activities.

Our successful clients include – Hyundai, Dr Lal Path Labs, HCL, TCS, DLF Promenade, Shipra, Supertech, Samsung, Times of India etc.

You can hire us for the following services

  1. Workshop – Guitar
  2. Workshop – Music Therapy, Music Yoga
  3. Workshop – Aerobics, Dance and Yoga
  4. Event – B’day Bashes
  5. Event – Live Performance Concerts
  6. Radio – Therapeutic Ambiance Music
  7. CSR Activities
  8. Corporate Music Gifts
  9. Purchase Instruments
  10. Signature Tunes
  11. Voice-overs

Please feel free to call our consulting team for implementation of these services as per objective and philosophy of your organization culture and logistics.

You can coordinate/write us at or call us at +91 9716045455 for appointment.

Yours Musically

Guitarmonk Team