Win Free Guitar Contest January 2015

Win Free Guitar Contest January 2015

Win Free Guitar Contest is a volunteer and free initiative by guitarmonk to engage music interest, promote music activity and local music learning. The other idea behind this initiative is to motivate music & guitar lovers to win free guitar every month and participate in music.

The candidate has to be a YouTube and Facebook user to participate.  It is an absolute free contest and requires no participation charges.

To Participate & receive nomination id, do the following 3 steps:

  1. Subscribe & Like and share the contest image at your time-line (public).
  2. Comment (on this page) with the most creative tagline about concept ‘guitarmonk’ in less than 15 words.
  3. Write us an email at of having done the above two steps. We will share you the nomination id for January 2015 on your email.

The result of this will be declared at page on 1st January 2015 & at Guitarmonk website.

The contest is a new creative exercise every month, for the participants.

Terms & Guidelines with the contest as applicable.

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  1. Amit Vyas

    Guitarmonk , I guess its not just a school but a complete development program that enhances the way of life.

  2. Nidhi Bhargava Prasad

    With Guitarmonk, The deepest part of you that spark even in a dark

  3. Sudesh Kumar

    Guitarmonk spread love and peace through “Music” as well as they helped poors also.

  4. Balram Sharma

    Guitarmonk has been a dream mentor for thousands of music aspirants across the world

  5. Rita Verma

    Guitarmonk – a path towards happiness & fulfilment….strike a chord & achieve it!!

  6. Pran Saikia

    Guitarmonk – ” Helps You Create Magic In Your Music “

  7. Rakesh

    Music is the language that everybody understand.

  8. Monika Chawla

    Guitarmonk :Bringing alive the magic in your lives through music….. have a musical life.

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