Diploma in Bollywood Guitar

Diploma in Bollywood Guitar Course Hindi, IndiPop Songs Learn, MasterLearning Guitar for most people is one of the most desired dreams but it requires commitment, consistency and passion to do so.  If you want to make a mark with your guitar playing both in the personal and professional domain i.e. be it through performance, teaching and studio etc; nothing can match Bollywood Songs Popularity. 

Diploma in Bollywood Guitar is a specialized course that focuses on developing select list of Bollywood Repertoire. It is meant for students who are well versed with basics and now keen to go into live performances or teaching with the strong hands in Bollywood songs. To understand in detail about the Bollywood course, you need to watch out following repertoire

  • There will be a list of 20 specialized recommended songs divided into 2 semesters.

  • Here a student need to cover the complete necessary part of songs from intro, music to main melody on Guitar.

  • Diploma in Bollywood Guitar Program covers both leads and accompaniment parts of song.

  • If student clears the module successfully, he/she has a repertoire of approximate 2 hours to perform non-stop.

A student can apply this repertoire as a live performance artist and earn thousands rupees per hour, part-time, based on the level of platform and quality of performance.  It further allows student to teach this repertoire to their students, if they are running an institute.

A student also receives highly organized content in international language of music, tabs with audios for life time reference.

Complete Duration of Diploma in Bollywood Guitar Program is 1 Year.
But you can also apply for the program either Semester Wise or Complete One Year.

Total 60 Sessions

Bifurcated as :

  1. 40 Live Sessions (Online)
  2. 20 Recorded Sessions

Where each Semester comprises 20 Live Session (Online) & 10 Recorded Sessions

Lump-sum (1 Year) – Rs. 72,000 for Indian Residents Residing in India or $ US 1699 for other residents.
Semester (6 months) – Rs. 38,500 for Indian Residents Residing in India or $ US 899 for other residents.



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